Reiki Symbols

Reiki Symbols
Reiki Symbols

The three important symbols given to a student during Level 2 attunement are Cho Ku Rei or the power symbol, Sei He Ki or the emotional and mental healing symbol, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen or the distance healing symbol.
The symbols 'hon sha ze sho nen' and 'dai ko myo' were written in kanji language. The reiki symbols are the vibrations one will experience when one is in state of reiki Samadhi. 

We need to get these symbol attuned from a reiki master. As time passed, the original form of these symbols started getting lost. 

For example when madam Takata made reiki masters, there would have been different types of 'hon sha ze sho nen' and 'dai ko myo'. 

It was to preserve their original form that they were drawn on paper so that nobody can further introduce any modifications in how they are drawn.

The 'Sei he ki' reiki symbol
The 'Sei he ki'
The 'Sei he ki' symbol is used to overcome the obstacles in path of reiki energy. 

brings back the balance where imbalances exist whether it be in body or life situations. It removes bad habits about us we may not be aware. It brings physical body, energy body and mental body
into alignment. 

The 'Choku rei' reiki symbol
The 'Choku rei'
The 'Choku rei' is the power symbol. It increases the strength of healing energy. It is a general purpose symbol which is almost always used whenever we send reiki.
'Hon sha ze sho nen'
'Hon sha ze sho nen'

Use 'Hon sha ze sho nen' to establish connection between you and whoever you want to send reiki, for example people, object, situation or intention. 

This symbol therefore acts as a bridge. This symbol makes the reiki flow in heart and aagya chakra thereby overcome time and distance.

The 'Dai ko myo' reiki symbol
The 'Dai ko myo'
The 'Dai ko myo' symbol is attuned in master degree of reiki. This symbol is embossed on a jar made near the foot of Lord Buddha in a temple at Nara, Japan. A jar symbolizes completeness
and so does this symbol. We are complete at every level of existence. 

It is the mind which makes us feel that we lack something and are incomplete and therefore we look for things outside not inside. 

This symbol symbolizes journey of reiki. It represents path of bodhisattva and heals at soul level. It encompasses highly powerful divine energies in its aura which are used during 'shaktipat'(attunements). This symbol can be considered as a representative of holy spirits (siddhas) whichwhen invoked become healing Buddha. It energies other reiki symbols. Draw it over the heart for
self healing. 

It increases healing power many times. It energies hara chakra and thymus gland.
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