Cosmic Energy Activation Prana Life Force

Cosmic Energy Activation Prana Life Force
Cosmic Energy Activation Prana Life Force

What is Prana?
Prana is the sum total of energy. Just like red light is a part of the white light, each and every energy, including the well known Reiki energy, is a part of prana. Prana is an auto-energizing force which creates, maintains and destroys. It permeates each individual as well as the Universe at all levels. It acts as physical energy that we manipulate daily, mental energy where the mind gathers information and as intellectual energy, where information is examined and filtered. 

Prana also acts as sexual energy, spiritual energy and cosmic energy. All that vibrates in this Universe is prana: heat, light, gravity, magnetism, vigor, power, vitality, electricity, life and spirit are all forms of prana. It is the cosmic personality, potent in all beings and non-beings. It is the prime mover of all activity. It is the wealth of life. 
One who knows Prana knows the workings of the universe.
The prana in cosmic is what we call the cosmic energy. The activation of cosmic energy will enable you to have supernatural powers within you. This energy is ready to use and can be used for many purposes.
  The Attunement will activate certain chakra in your system and also connect you to the source of universal energy called Hiranyagarbha . This energy is permanent and will remain forever with you.

This can be used according your intent and is programmable.There is one cosmic prana (consciousness life force) manifesting in numerous names and forms in the universe. It is the origin of every thing. The Attunement Use only 10% of the full spectrum in our Global Peace Activation and the results are amazing.

Is it same as reiki or any other healing energy?
No, it is not reiki; reiki is pre-programmed energy from the same source with a lot of conditions attached. Reiki's usage is limited. Reiki can be said as a subset of the total sum of the cosmic energy.

Well, the source of cosmic energy is the same as reiki, but it is not programmed. It is in raw form waiting for user to program according to their wishes. The cosmic energy has no limitation in function. The only limitation will be the user's capability to explore it.

What is the use of cosmic energy?

As mentioned above, this energy doesn't known any boundary. Here is a list of some of the most common uses.

1. Healing
2. Exorcism
3. Manipulate nature like moving rain or bring in rain
4. Transfer the energy to any object or activate any object with the cosmic power
5. For self protection
6. Prosperity and wealth
7. Magick as the user grow in meditation and be able to program it.
8. And many more as the user wishes.This is very powerful for manifestation.

How Does it Work?

Accurately calibrated music synthesis software 

has been used to create the exact frequencies 

required to activate the cosmic energy with in


At The mean time this activation will be available

 on this website only and you wont be able to find 

it any where else.

How the activation is done?

The activation can be done with an audio mp3 activation method. The mp3 audio Activation  is effective.
This 30 minute downloadable Cosmic Energy Activation music 
Will Increase your cosmic connection level rapidly.

  The whole process of this activation will take about 30min. To Increase your cosmic connection level you must listening to the activation frequently.
As your cosmic connection level increases, you will be able to communicate with the cosmic more easily. Mere intents will result in astonishing manifestations. The life becomes easy and the body becomes a better place to live.
What happens in this bio-energy initiation?

This is not an initiation for any particular energy. This initiation makes a shift in your cosmic connection level. During bio energy initiation, your body energy system undergoes a lot of major changes. The initiation lifts you up to a certain level of cosmic connection, depending on the receivers capacity. 

The body energy system will be aligned in such a

 way that you get connected to the cosmic for 24

 hours. All the vibrations of prana up to that

 cosmic connection level start flowing through 

you continuously. 

The flow never stops. Thus you

 become a permanent channel of energy.

No matter how much energy you spend, the gap is filled in the next moment by the incoming energy. Thus you become a source of energy. When ever you want to use the energy, the speed of flow increases to provide you all the energy you want. It is just like a river. You go on using, more will come to you.
As your practice progress, you will automatically reach higher levels of cosmic connection and higher levels of pranic vibration. This will transform all levels of your being. 
If you follow other spiritual systems, like yoga, you will have to practice for years to increase your connection level to higher ones. But in this initiation, a level is given to you by the process of less than 1 hour. For example, the power you can gain after 10 years of pranayama/yoga practice can be obtained with a single initiation. You can receive even higher levels if your body is capable to receive it at that time. 
More you practice and listen to the attunement, faster will be the development. Your cosmic connection level goes on increasing and result, your spiritual development becomes much faster and it never goes down after you are initiated. Diseases will never touch you. Your vibration in aura will change the whole energy around you to very positive vibration. This clears your path towards the ultimate goal. One day, you will reach the maximum level of cosmic connection ľ i.e., the enlightenment. Through this initiation, we get a chance to think about it in this life itself. 

Cosmic Energy Activation Prana
Cosmic Energy Activation Prana

Price: $49.99  

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