5 Tips About Your Acne Treatment How To Get The Best From Your Doctor

Doctors are extremely busy people that are often overworked,​ underpaid and​ sometimes harassed by patients that have little to​ complain about. ​ However I ​ believe they genuinely want to​ help their patients,​ and​ will take your acne condition seriously. ​ There are a​ number of​ simple steps you​ can take to​ ensure you​ maximize the​ chance of​ getting the​ right help from your doctor in​ treating your acne.
1. ​ a​ key skill in​ getting the​ best out of​ any situation is​ clear communication. ​ Your doctor can only act on​ the​ information you​ give him about your condition. ​ Not providing the​ ‘full story’ is​ the​ primary reason for misdiagnosis or​ a​ lack of​ urgent attention. ​ Make sure you​ tell your doctor,​ how long you’ve had the​ acne,​ what treatments you’ve tried,​ where does the​ acne occur and​ is​ it​ worsened by reaction to​ stress of​ sunlight.

2. ​ Ask questions about any aspect of​ your acne that you​ want to​ clarify. ​ a​ good tip is​ to​ write down the​ questions you​ want to​ ask,​ before you​ speak to​ your doctor,​ to​ ensure you​ cover everything. ​ Dont feel embarrassed by asking certain questions,​ remember there are no dumb questions

3. ​ Understand that there are no miracle cures for acne,​ and​ that you​ may have to​ try a​ number of​ different treatments before you​ find one,​ which is​ effective,​ against your particular type.

4. ​ Make sure you​ mention the​ emotional side of​ how your acne makes you​ feel,​ if ​ this is​ of​ particular concern to​ you. ​ This is​ a​ vital area that is​ often overlooked,​ and​ is​ clearly important particularly if ​ your acne is​ resulting in​ depression,​ or​ resulting in​ a​ reduction in​ your social interactions with others.

5. ​ If ​ your doctor prescribes any medication,​ make sure you​ fully understand

* How to​ apply the​ treatment?
* How long will it​ be before you​ see any improvement?
* Any side effects that you​ may experience?
* When do you​ need to​ return for a​ follow up?
* How long the​ treatment will last?

These key questions will ensure you​ are fully informed about the​ treatment program you​ are embarking on.

Remember your doctor is​ there to​ help you​ overcome both the​ physical and​ emotional side of​ acne. ​ if ​ you​ don’t feel you​ can easily approach your doctor,​ find an alternative medical professional,​ such as​ a​ dermatologist. ​ What ever you​ decide to​ do,​ ensure you​ seek help,​ and​ don’t let acne get the​ better of​ you.
5 Tips About Your Acne Treatment How To Get The Best From Your Doctor 5 Tips About Your Acne Treatment How To Get The Best From Your Doctor Reviewed by Henda Yesti on June 29, 2019 Rating: 5

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