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First of​ all have in​ mind Spain is​ not one but so many: so many places,​ climates,​ cultures,​ languages and so on. So,​ here are some tips to​ try to​ discover at​ least some parts of​ some of​ this Spain.

At first you​ should decide what type of​ traveling do you​ want: big cities,​ the​ country,​ historical towns,​ catholic experience,​ mountain,​ snow,​ coast,​ partying,​ museums... there is​ a​ very rich offer about all of​ this some of​ then depending of​ the​ season.

Madrid is​ a​ good base for traveling through Spain cause is​ near to​ its geometrical center and is​ really very well connected by car,​ bus,​ train and plane. Madrid have three of​ the​ world most important paint museums (El Prado,​ Reina Sofa and Thyssen) among other ones,​ the​ beauty of​ the​ old downtown,​ the​ marcha (partying specially at​ night),​ a​ true Egyptian temple in​ the​ downtown near to​ the​ royal palace and is​ very near to​ historical and architectural towns to​ let one day visits to​ Segovia,​ vila,​ Cuenca,​ Toledo,​ Aranjuez (you can choose el tren de la fresa -strawberry train-),​ Alcal de Henares and El Escorial. is​ hard to​ make detailed suggestions for this places because they are full of​ them.

Car Rental Spain - Other places to​ visit

I should suggest you​ to​ visit Andalucia. Cadiz,​ maybe the​ most American of​ the​ Spanish cities (La Habana is​ like Cadiz but with black little people,​ Cadiz is​ like La Habana but with more `salero'). Cadiz is​ the​ more ancient city of​ Europe. Seville is​ well know by its beauty as​ Cordoba. Granada is​ a​ must. you​ should visit Granada in​ Spring,​ and I strongly suggest to​ read first Washington Irving's Tales of​ Alhambra. the​ rest of​ Andalucia is​ plenty of​ extraordinary places in​ villages,​ small towns and country. the​ well know by Hollywood and TV Almera desert can interest you​ and the​ near beachs in​ Cabo de Gata are a​ must if​ you​ love the​ coast and scuba diving. the​ Alpujarras,​ between Granada and Almera,​ is​ a​ completely different landscape of​ green and mountains and white towns.

Remember maybe the​ half of​ the​ country towns in​ Spain have their fairs in​ August. So it​ can be a​ great opportunity. Bigger cities as​ (specially) Mlaga and Almera have their fairs in​ August too.

Another route can be the​ university cities: old beautiful cities with big important in​ their economies which implies young cities full of​ activities: Santiago de Compostela,​ Salamanca and Granada are a​ must.

An important tip could be the​ activities related to​ Don Quixote. This year celebrates the​ 4th century of​ their first publishing and there is​ an​ enourmous amount of​ activities,​ specially in​ Castilla-La Mancha.

Like islands? Lanzarote in​ Canary Islands (with the​ a​ lovely weather all the​ year) and Formentera in​ Balearic Islands are said to​ be extremely nice. Ceuta and Melilla are two Spanish cities at​ the​ North of​ Africa with their own personality,​ mix of​ cultures and history. in​ some way this cities are islands in​ land.

Like the​ Atlantic coast? Car rental Spain recommends visiting Galicia,​ Asturias,​ Santander and Basque Country are plenty of​ places and country landscapes.

Like Mediterranean? From the​ French border of​ Catalua to​ Tarifa (where Atlantic and Mediterranean meets and create the​ windsurfing paradise) you'll find hundreds of​ coast with beachs and nice towns to​ visit: Barcelona,​ Tarragona (the old greek and roman city),​ Valencia,​ Alicante (with their main fair at​ june's 23th magical night of​ Saint John) and Almera and Mlaga. in​ the​ middle you​ can discover any kind of​ places,​ from the​ most commercial touristic to​ the​ most typical.

More places? Cceres in​ Extremadura is​ a​ very nice medieval city. Len and Teruel,​ in​ Castilla y Len and Aragn respectively,​ are other old beautiful cities.

Don't forget Lisboa is​ near of​ Madrid and that city and the​ South of​ Portugal can be a​ nice complement to​ a​ visit to​ Spain.

And the​ final tip: any tips list for visiting Spain is​ always incomplete. Have fun.


Don't matter the​ place you​ are in​ Spain,​ try the​ local specialties and discover the​ Spanish dishes. You'll win.
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