Travel In Turkey Free Guide Of Bodrum For Families

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Bodrum is​ a​ Turkish port in​ Mula Province.

Bodrum is​ renown for its open and friendly international people,​ art museums and Art Galleries,​ the​ sea,​ the​ movida and cheap lodgings,​ classic itineraries and a​ lot more to​ make a​ visit worth wise. Bodrum is​ also a​ major centre of​ local and international tourism,​ attracting seven million visitors per year.

It is​ on​ the​ Bodrum Peninsula,​ near the​ northwest entrance to​ the​ Gulf of​ Gökova,​ and faces the​ Greek island of​ Kos.

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Today,​ it​ is​ a​ center of​ tourism and yachting. it​ is​ the​ ancient Halicarnassus of​ Caria,​ renowned for the​ mausoleum of​ Maussollos.

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The town is​ very popular tourist resort for northern Europeans due to​ its attractive coastline and active night-life.

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It can safely be said that every year at​ least a​ few hundreds of​ thousands of​ tourists visit Bodrum.

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The current population is​ 32,​227 (2000 census).

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In the​ town there is​ also a​ football team called Bodrumspor founded in​ 1931.

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