Travel Guide Of Pattaya

Pattaya (sometime spelled “Pataya” or​ “Phattaya”)

Pattaya lies around 150km to​ the​ southeast of​ Bangkok,​ Thailand. This is​ Less than 2 hours by road,​ and stretches for some 15km along the​ Eastern Seaboard. Thailand ‘s Largest resort,​ it​ shares the​ coast with traditional a​ fishing villages,​ other resorts such as​ Bang Saen and Rayong,​ new industrial centers,​ the​ town of​ Chonburi and Sriracha,​ and the​ port and naval base of​ Sattahip.

Pattaya in​ the​ past was just a​ little fishing village. Until 1960s,​ American servicemen form the​ U.S. Air Force base at​ Utapao in​ neighbouring Rayong Province began using the​ area for “Rest and Recreation” (R&R) ,​ causing a​ huge boom in​ entertainment business. When the​ Americans left following the​ end of​ the​ Vietnam War,​ the​ city fell into a​ crisis. However,​ modern mass tourism brought a​ new life to​ Pattaya. the​ city is​ considered heaven or​ hell on​ the​ Earth,​ depending on​ how you​ look at​ it.

More than 35,​000 hotels’ rooms were available in​ Pattaya. it​ is​ an​ eapecially popular vacation destination for families from Russia,​ Eastern Europe,​ Scandinavia and other countries. it​ also a​ large international expatriate population and many services meet international standards in​ recent years,​ new shopping malls,​ outlet stores and jewelry stores have sprung up like mushrooms,​ which have helped in​ increasing the​ length of​ stay of​ visitors to​ the​ city.

Pattaya’s main attractions are its beaches. Pattaya Beach stretches out along the​ central city close to​ shopping,​ hotels and bars. the​ section of​ beach from Central Road (Pattaya Klang) south to​ the​ harbor is​ adjacent to​ the​ core of​ Pattaya’s abundant nightlife area,​ hence it​ is​ less family-oriented than the​ North Pattaya,​ Na Klua and Jomtien beaches.

Pattaya is​ now a​ city in​ its own right,​ with its own mayor and its own administration. This is​ not all due to​ tourism. the​ government development programmed for the​ Eastern Seaboard has transformed the​ region,​ and this rapid industrial and commercial expansion has led to​ many expatriates coming to​ live in​ the​ area. There is​ a​ new deep-sea port at​ Laem Chabang,​ 20 km north of​ Pattaya with a​ vast industrial estate,​ and another development zone at​ Map Ta Phut near Rayong to​ the​ south. Pattaya city is​ well located to​ be a​ major business centre serving these two giant industrial communities. There are five international schools and four international hospital in​ the​ area.

However Pattaya has multi-cultural quintessentially Thai visitors,​ and although the​ convenience foods of​ the​ West are readily accessible,​ the​ Thai culture is​ everywhere and most visitors embrace the​ easy-going way of​ life readily. Over 95 per cent of​ people who live and work here are Thai and even a​ couple of​ blocks away from the​ beach the​ culture takes over from the​ holiday atmosphere by the​ sea and the​ beach. Despite this,​ the​ ex-pat community here is​ a​ perhaps the​ least assimilated of​ all the​ foreign communities in​ Thailand,​ and you’re more likely to​ feel like you’re in​ Tenerife than Thailand,​ with all the​ footage on​ TV,​ English style pubs and nary a​ word of​ Thai spoken in​ the​ many bars that service the​ full-time early retirees who favor this atmosphere.
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