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This article gives advice about places to​ visit,​ places to​ stay and places to​ eat in​ Scotland. Scotland is​ a​ superb country to​ visit and it​ is​ steeped in​ history. With famous cities such as​ Edinburgh and Glasgow,​ Scotland has plenty to​ offer for everyone.

Places to​ visit in​ Scotland

Edinburgh castle has been a​ focal point of​ the​ Edinburgh skyline for over eight hundred years.

It includes the​ Scottish National War Museum which lists all of​ Scotland's war dead since 1914.

Adult admission to​ the​ castle is​ currently £8 and for children it​ is​ only £2.

Loch Ness and the​ Great Glen is​ a​ must. I am sure you​ have all heard of​ the​ loch ness monster,​ see if​ you​ can see him when you​ visit here. Many people have stated that they could!

The Glasgow science centre is​ the​ most recent major museum opened in​ Glasgow. This is​ a​ most impressive place which caters for all age groups. I have only ever heard positive comments from people who have visited this museum.

The National Gallery of​ Scotland has a​ wide range of​ paintings including works from Rembrandt,​ Gainsborough and Ramsay. Entrance is​ free apart from for special exhibitions.

Places to​ stay in​ Scotland


Balmoral is​ probably one of​ the​ best hotels in​ Edinburgh and is​ situated on​ Princes Street. it​ is​ also one of​ the​ most expensive hotels however.

Albany is​ a​ Georgian style hotel and is​ situated on​ Albany Street.

The Bonham is​ a​ contemporary style hotel with a​ European style restaurant and is​ situated in​ Drumsheugh Gardens.

Ingrams is​ more of​ a​ hotel/bed and breakfast. it​ is​ situated on​ Northumberland Street.


Glasgow Hilton is​ a​ top of​ the​ range hotel and is​ very modern. it​ is​ situated on​ William Street.

St Jude's is​ a​ small hotel situated on​ Bath Street.

Langs has a​ special feature being a​ Japanese influenced Oshi spa.

Places to​ eat in​ Scotland

Inverlochy Castle has three dining rooms and has won many awards. if​ you​ can afford it,​ this is​ the​ one you​ want to​ visit.

Other places to​ eat:

Culloden House

Summer Isles Hotel

Eden Court


I hope this short guide is​ of​ use during your trip to​ Scotland. the​ above suggestions are only a​ few of​ many wonderful places to​ go.
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