Your Mission To Space City Houston Travel Information

Houston,​ Texas,​ is​ probably most famous for its featured role in​ space travel movies as​ NASA’s Mission Control Center is​ based here inside the​ Johnson Space Center. However,​ there are hundreds more reasons to​ book your airfare to​ Houston,​ the​ 4th largest city in​ the​ United States. Come get a​ taste of​ southern rodeo,​ America’s gulf coast,​ some Spanish history,​ and one of​ the​ most medically and technologically advanced cities in​ the​ country.

Houston: Mecca for Science and Technology

One of​ the​ most visited places in​ Houston is​ Clear Lake,​ the​ site of​ NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Space Center Houston is​ open to​ tourists,​ offering educational exhibits and hands-on displays highlighting Mission Control’s long history of​ success and tragedy. Do not miss out on​ the​ tram tour through the​ actual Johnson Space Center facility. Clear Lake is​ also a​ popular recreation retreat for the​ city,​ positioned on​ a​ bay just off the​ coast of​ the​ Gulf,​ offering a​ variety of​ outdoor activities.

The Texas Medical Center is​ located near downtown Houston and happens to​ be the​ world’s largest medical district,​ servicing over five million patient appointments annually. the​ campus grounds feel like a​ city within a​ city,​ hosting residential towers for employees and all the​ necessities of​ daily life. Notably,​ the​ Medical Center provides the​ largest proton therapy clinic for cancer treatment and the​ Cancer Prevention Center,​ established by the​ University of​ Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Houston’s Hotbed of​ Style,​ Sophistication and Soul

Houston is​ one of​ the​ most international cities in​ the​ United States,​ attracting tours of​ Broadway productions,​ major art exhibits,​ and consistently a​ stop on​ each major musician’s tours. Houston’s Theater District offers more theater space per capita than most major cities and even has permanent professional opera and ballet companies (only five other cities in​ the​ United States can make such a​ claim). the​ Museum District provides a​ centralized neighborhood for all of​ Houston’s major museums,​ including the​ Houston Zoo and the​ Museum of​ Health & Medical Science.

Houston is​ also a​ vibrant center for alternative art and culture. the​ streets of​ the​ city are filled with incredible motorized creations resembling spaceships,​ fantasy creatures and other extraordinary structures once a​ year during the​ Art Car Parade. Also,​ travel to​ Houston during the​ Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to​ catch the​ largest and longest running event of​ its kind. Major artists perform in​ concert and there are many arts and crafts vendors and activities for the​ entire family.

Secure your airfare to​ Houston now and enjoy the​ most modern and dynamic city in​ Texas,​ and possibly the​ entire country. the​ major shipping Port of​ Houston adds incredible diversity to​ the​ massive metropolis as​ the​ sixth-largest port in​ the​ world. Experience the​ down south flavor of​ a​ Texas town against the​ backdrop of​ the​ major multiculturalism of​ a​ bustling urban center.
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