Your Family Vacation Must Knows When Traveling With Kids

Family vacations are a​ great way for busy parents to​ have quality time with their kids. But without proper planning,​ it​ can easily become stressful and disappointing for everyone. So,​ do yourself a​ favor and plan ahead!

1. Ask the​ hotel about child facilities

Some resorts are built for couples,​ with lots of​ spas and romantic nooks. Kids will hate this. you​ need a​ resort with plenty of​ indoor recreational facilities,​ where they can play safely,​ and happily. Some hotels will even offer babysitting or​ child care services,​ so you​ can do some shopping or​ sight seeing on​ your own,​ without someone tugging at​ your knee and saying,​ “Mommy,​ can we go now?”

2. Don’t overload the​ itinerary

Kids get tired more easily,​ or​ can rapidly become overstimulated and cranky. Make sure that the​ itinerary leaves lots of​ room for resting,​ snacks,​ or​ (if you’re taking toddlers) even naps. Ideally you​ should only cover two major destinations in​ one day (one in​ the​ morning,​ another in​ the​ afternoon). if​ you​ want to​ see more sights,​ make arrangements to​ leave your child to​ rest in​ the​ hotel (see tip number one) and do it​ on​ your own.

3. Bring a​ “child care pack”

This includes lots of​ water (kids get dehydrated more easily),​ an​ extra change of​ clothes,​ and small toys to​ amuse them at​ restaurants.

If you​ are going to​ a​ warm place (like a​ beach or​ a​ tropical country) remember that kids are more vulnerable to​ sunstroke and sunburn. Bring sunblock,​ a​ handheld battery-operated fan,​ and sports drinks (which will help them retain water). Avoid bringing them out in​ the​ hottest times of​ the​ day.

4. Choose a​ kid-friendly itinerary

Consider your child’s age. a​ toddler will not be able to​ appreciate a​ historical tour of​ the​ country’s Medieval churches,​ and even a​ seven year old may not be able to​ stay still in​ a​ museum.

Look at​ the​ places you​ plan to​ visit and think,​ “Will he be able to​ understand this?” Compare the​ length of​ the​ tour with the​ average amount of​ time he can concentrate on​ one activity. Do this even before you​ choose a​ destination—if he won’t enjoy 50% of​ the​ key attractions,​ find another vacation place.

5. Be prepared to​ pay extra for comfort

You can save a​ lot of​ money by roughing it​ out in​ 3-star hotels or​ taking long bus rides,​ but it’s just not worth it​ when you’re traveling with kids. Pay extra for comforts that will keep them in​ a​ good mood: soft beds,​ big pools,​ 3-minute access to​ restaurants or​ tour buses. Because if​ they’re happy,​ you​ can relax,​ and actually have fun too.

6. Get older kids involved in​ the​ planning

Kids are more likely to​ have fun if​ you​ get them “psyched” way ahead of​ the​ trip. They can help pick the​ destination (narrow it​ down to​ two places you​ love and let them have the​ final say). you​ can also help them make a​ vacation scrapbook,​ where they can put “fast facts” on​ the​ place you​ will visit,​ as​ well as​ photos,​ postcards and other mementos.

7. Pack your patience

No matter how well you​ plan,​ remember,​ these are kids. Unfamiliar places and changes in​ schedule will always be a​ little upsetting for them,​ so try to​ be understanding. When they have tantrums,​ check if​ they’re overstimulated and bring them to​ a​ quiet place where they can calm down. Bring a​ small comfort toy (which can help them settle down if​ they are tired,​ scared or​ cranky).
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