Your Essential Travel Companion

Your Essential Travel Companion
Digital cameras are a​ household gadget nowadays .​
Everybody is​ slowly realizing the​ advantages of​ storing all their photos and videos digitally,​ rather than maintain a​ physical copy .​
With the​ advent of​ this new phenomenon,​ the​ next issue on​ everybody’s minds is​ to​ protect their gear .​
This calls for some research to​ find the​ right camera bag for you.
When we say camera bags,​ the​ first brand that comes to​ the​ mind is​ Crumpler .​
Crumpler has carved a​ niche for itself in​ this field by designing the​ trendiest and hip camera bags .​
Its products have sold out world over and are still going strong .​
Many critics might argue that Crumpler bags compromise on​ quality but that is​ definitely not true .​
The DA120 is​ one of​ the​ sturdiest camera bags and has also been rated by several web sites as​ one among the​ top 10 camera bags .​
The keystone and sinking barge models seamlessly blend style and oomph with protection and security .​
There is​ abundant padding on​ the​ sides to​ protect gear from shocks and they are also equipped with tough material that can definitely not be cut open by the​ ordinary thief.
Domke bags are more for the​ professional photographer .​
It has custom made bags that can be split into several compartments and can store up to​ several lenses,​ chargers,​ batteries and a​ camera in​ a​ single bag .​
They have been a​ long time favorite of​ several photographers the​ world over .​
But the​ major drawback with Domke is​ that its waterproof capabilities are not very enviable .​
This is​ a​ major downside .​
If you​ are a​ forest photographer,​ then you​ have to​ ensure maximum protection from the​ elements,​ especially from rain .​
There are several bags that have been designed for this purpose,​ the​ most popular one being the​ M-Rock Denali bag.
M-Rock recently announced its specialist outdoors camera bag .​
It has rain protection flaps and thick inner lining with non-permeable foam material that strives to​ ensure maximum protection from rain .​
The Denali also has several other compartments that are designed to​ accommodate CD players,​ chargers,​ water bottles and even binoculars .​
It is​ the​ ideal travel companion .​
Delsey has gone the​ extra step to​ ensure the​ perfect blend of​ protection,​ style and functionality .​
Its latest release,​ the​ Delsey Gopix,​ is​ amazingly easy on​ the​ shoulder .​
The best aspect about Delsey is​ that every single part that is​ used to​ make the​ bag is​ tested under vicious conditions before being sent into the​ manufacturing plant .​
This ensures maximum benefit to​ the​ buyer and also increases its lifetime .​
The final verdict .​
Crumpler and Lowepro are seated firmly in​ the​ driver’s seat,​ being the​ leaders in​ this category .​
Domke bags are not very suitable for extensive outdoor conditions due to​ poor rain proof capabilities,​ but are still regarded as​ favorites among amateurs and professionals alike .​
Delsey and M-Rock are slowly but surely rising as​ major players,​ but must trudge longer to​ catch up with the​ leaders,​ who are undoubtedly,​ Crumpler and Lowepro.
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