World Travel And Tourism Is Generating In Excess Of US 7 Trillion A Year

World travel and tourism is​ generating in​ excess of​ US$7 trillion a​ year,​ and is​ expected to​ rise to​ over US$13 trillion over the​ coming decade according to​ the​ World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC) Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) research,​ sponsored by Accenture and prepared by Oxford Economics. the​ magnaminous size of​ the​ industry has resulted in​ a​ proliferation of​ booking engines and business opportunities to​ sell membership packages worth substantial discounts at​ hotel properties throughout the​ world.
While it​ is​ exciting for travelers to​ have all these options,​ it​ can also be a​ challenge to​ search through all available information to​ find out which ones are legitimate and actually work! That is​ why I am writing this article. to​ share with you​ an​ opportunity that has had a​ profound impact on​ my life and truly believe it​ will do the​ same for you.
GLOBAL RESORTS NETWORK ( ) is​ a​ marketing arm of​ a​ 20-year old company that is​ a​ market leader in​ the​ resort travel business. They offer a​ platinum luxury resort membership that provide you​ with unrestricted access to​ over 5,​000 of​ the​ most luxurious hotel and resort destinations in​ the​ world. Large number of​ properties available through this membership can not be booked using other on-line travel sites,​ like Orbitz or​ Tracelocity,​ because access to​ them is​ limited to​ timeshare owners only.
By becoming a​ member of​ Global Resorts Network you​ will never have to​ pay more then $799 for one week’s stay at​ a​ four- to​ five-star resort and in​ many cases will pay as​ little as​ $299. it​ is​ not a​ misprint! $299 for a​ full week of​ resort living! Not just a​ tiny room in​ the​ hotel,​ but full-scale resort unit,​ with kitchen,​ bedrooms,​ living room and all the​ amenities of​ a​ 4-5 star resort! With no blackout dates or​ restricted weeks,​ you​ are in​ complete control. Whether you​ want to​ go to​ Hawaii or​ Cabo in​ peak season,​ Colorado in​ ski season,​ Arizona in​ golf season,​ or​ take a​ Disney Cruise in​ any season,​ our membership offers a​ service like no other.
As a​ member,​ you​ have access anytime to​ top resort destinations; including highly sought after timeshare resort properties,​ world famous Sheraton Resort properties,​ Marriott Resort Properties,​ and many other luxury resort destinations (enjoy discounts on​ all the​ major cruise lines as​ well).
One of​ the​ best member benefits is​ that there are no annual dues or​ exchange fees,​ no maintenance fees,​ no restricted weeks,​ and no blackout dates- giving you​ year-round access to​ the​ world's top resorts in​ peak season,​ completely eliminating any need for a​ timeshare purchase! the​ price of​ the​ Platinum Membership is​ only $2,​995! Compare it​ to​ a​ timeshare cost ranging from $7,​000 to​ $40,​000 and it​ you​ will realize the​ what a​ great product it​ is. the​ matter of​ fact,​ the​ membership will pay for itself after only two or​ three vacations!
Since the​ membership is​ fully transferable,​ it​ will provide you,​ your children,​ and your children's children,​ a​ lifetime of​ vacation happiness and memories.
What makes Global Resorts Network even more appealing is​ that you​ can profit from this business opportunity by promoting it​ within your network of​ relationships. We offer one of​ the​ most aggressive compensation structures in​ the​ business and more importantly our FREE EBOOK ( ) will provide a​ step-by-step guide on​ how you​ can make enough money from this opportunity that you​ will never have to​ work a​ real job again!
In closing,​ Global Resorts Network can be a​ life-changing experience for anyone that chooses to​ get involved. you​ will get to​ visit places you​ have always dreamed of,​ meet amazing people,​ and most importantly achieve your goal of​ financial freedom. We have changed many lives for the​ better and would love to​ do the​ same for you!
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