Wisconsin Dells Resorts A Premier Travel Destination For Any Vacation

Wisconsin Dells,​ WI has long been a​ favorite travel destination of​ numerous vacationers,​ but it​ wasn’t until recently that more people have discovered what Wisconsin Dells all has to​ offer. With the​ combination of​ award winning resorts,​ highly rated dinning,​ indoor and outdoor waterparks and numerous attractions,​ Wisconsin Dells really has it​ all.

Wisconsin Dells is​ often referred to​ as​ the​ “Water Park Capital of​ the​ World” because of​ its abundance of​ indoor and outdoor water parks. Wisconsin Dells contains America’s largest outdoor and indoor waterparks. Noah’s Ark Waterpark in​ Wisconsin Dells is​ the​ largest outdoor waterpark in​ America and features 45 waterslides along with 2 huge wave pools. Kalahari Resort in​ Wisconsin Dells is​ America’s largest indoor water park and features the​ FlowRider® which allows you​ to​ surf or​ boogie board year round.

Wisconsin Dells attractions do not just contain waterparks either. With over 80 attractions in​ the​ Dells area,​ travelers can enjoy a​ wide range of​ different attractions. Wisconsin Dells attractions include; mini-golf,​ magic shows,​ music performances,​ comedy clubs,​ museums,​ scenic tours,​ shopping,​ petting zoos,​ gambling,​ golf,​ fishing and much more.

When it​ comes time to​ eat travelers can choose from over 100 restaurants,​ all within 19 square miles in​ Wisconsin Dells. Whether you​ are hungry for seafood,​ steak,​ fast food,​ fine dinning,​ ethnic entrees,​ family-dinning or​ an​ all you​ can eat buffet,​ you​ will find it​ in​ Wisconsin Dells. you​ will not need to​ travel far to​ eat either,​ as​ most Wisconsin Dells resorts have restaurant within the​ resorts.

When looking for a​ hotel resort to​ stay at​ while in​ Wisconsin Dells there are 5 main resorts to​ choose from if​ you​ want a​ resort with an​ indoor and outdoor waterpark. These 5 resorts include; Great Wolf Resort,​ Kalahari Resort,​ Wilderness Resort,​ Treasure Island Resort and Chula Vista Resort. Each of​ these resorts has large indoor and outdoor waterparks attached to​ them and admission is​ included with your stay. They also have restaurants within the​ resorts. if​ you​ are looking to​ save money you​ can stay at​ a​ Wisconsin Dells hotel or​ motel that does not have a​ waterpark and prices will be much lower. However,​ you​ will still be able to​ enjoy a​ waterpark by visiting Noah’s Ark Water Park.

When planning your next vacation take a​ look at​ Wisconsin Dells and see what they all have to​ offer. it​ is​ sure to​ be a​ vacation you​ will remember for some time to​ come. For more information on​ Wisconsin Dells vacations visit http://www.SeeWisconsinDells.com
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