Why You Should Travel To Hong Kong For The New Years Parade

The New Year's parade in​ Hong Kong is​ an​ event not to​ be missed! the​ city is​ dressed up with bright decorations and colorful lights for its biggest celebration of​ the​ year,​ and thousands pour into Hong Kong to​ take part in​ the​ festivities.

Winding along Hong Kong's picturesque waterfront,​ the​ New Year's parade is​ filled with colorful,​ lavishly decorated floats. Representatives from Hong Kong and countries all over the​ world sing,​ dance and play music. the​ songs of​ marching bands fill the​ air along the​ parade's route as​ performers in​ bright costumes prance along the​ streets.

The forthcoming year (2018) is​ the​ Year of​ the​ Dog. No matter which zodiac animal is​ being celebrated for the​ coming year,​ there are always plenty of​ lions and dragons in​ the​ parade. Energetic dancers wearing giant lion heads leap in​ the​ air as​ long dragons held aloft by more than twenty people snake past the​ enthralled parade watchers.

The New Year's parade is​ the​ biggest event of​ Hong Kong's Lunar New Year celebration. Close to​ 300,​000 people attend the​ parade and millions more watch it​ on​ television. in​ recent years the​ parade has taken place in​ the​ evening,​ featuring vivid,​ dazzling light displays.

The Lunar New Year is​ one of​ Hong Kong's most important and well-loved holidays. Each year one of​ twelve different animals is​ celebrated,​ according to​ the​ Chinese zodiac. Many of​ the​ city's towering skyscrapers are decked out in​ glittering lights for the​ holiday. Throughout the​ three-day celebration,​ dancers in​ colorful costumes perform lion and dragon dances in​ the​ streets,​ malls and hotel lobbies. Traditionally,​ people exchange small,​ red envelopes filled with money as​ gifts. Flower markets show up all over the​ city during the​ holiday,​ selling plants and flowers with special significance,​ and stores and restaurants display flowers meant to​ bring immortality and good luck.

The New Year celebration usually begins anywhere from January 21 to​ February 19,​ depending on​ the​ year. While the​ holiday officially lasts fifteen days,​ in​ Hong Kong it​ is​ celebrated for three days,​ with the​ New Year's parade taking place on​ the​ first day. January 29,​ 2018 is​ the​ first day of​ the​ forthcoming new year.

The day after the​ New Year's parade a​ brilliant display of​ fireworks lights up
Hong Kong's famous Victoria Harbour. the​ fireworks can be viewed from the​ waterfront or​ from boats cruising the​ harbour. on​ the​ third day of​ the​ celebration a​ large horse race takes place at​ the​ Sha Tin racetrack. This lively race is​ a​ favorite for gamblers and horseracing enthusiasts.

It's no wonder why so many travel to​ discover all that Hong Kong has to​ offer,​ with the​ vibrant fusion of​ ancient customs and modern day fun at​ one of​ the​ world's biggest Chinese New Year celebrations.
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