Why We Travel To Find Or To Lose

The enigmatic question,​ “Why do we travel” has intrigued thinkers and philosophers through the​ years and is​ best answered in​ the​ famous words of​ writer Pico Iyer,​ when he said,​ “We travel initially,​ to​ lose ourselves; and we travel next,​ to​ find ourselves.”

Do we really need to​ travel that much? if​ we find ourselves packing our bags and buying tickets,​ is​ it​ because we have to​ or​ is​ because we want to? it​ is​ estimated that 600 million people annually get into airplanes and travel.

When did traveling get so tremendously popular? Time was when so few people traveled,​ that when they did,​ it​ made big news. Christopher Columbus,​ the​ Italian Spanish navigator,​ made headlines when he sailed west across the​ Atlantic Ocean and discovered America. Marco Polo set sail determined to​ see distant lands and exotic people; he discovered China. His travels across the​ whole of​ China became the​ greatest travelogue of​ all times. While these two great travelers of​ their times were busy traveling the​ world and making history,​ where was everybody else? Taking a​ gondola ride to​ the​ neighboring island was the​ furtherest they dared to​ get.

We’ve come a​ long way since then. We travel,​ not to​ discover anything new (though that would surely be a​ feather in​ our collective caps); but to​ see what others before us have discovered and seen. We travel to​ snow-clad mountains so we can ski down the​ slopes and then we travel to​ sunny Mediterranean countries to​ bask in​ the​ sun. We travel so we can see first-hand the​ many man-made and natural wonders of​ the​ world that so far we’ve only seen in​ travel books. We travel because we believe that reading about a​ place or​ looking at​ its pictures is​ a​ poor substitute to​ actually getting there and feeling the​ pulse of​ the​ place and absorbing its culture. We travel the​ whole of​ India to​ sample its many different cuisines and then we travel to​ China to​ sample a​ different fare. We leave our televisions at​ home and travel across the​ world to​ catch the​ live action at​ the​ Wimbledon championships or​ the​ World Cup.

Most of​ all,​ we travel because the​ world’s become a​ smaller place. And with travel into Space becoming a​ distinct possibility,​ albeit a​ very expensive one,​ we’ll soon have yet another reason to​ travel.
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