Why Travelers Love Princess Cruise Ships

Princess Cruise Ships cover one of​ the​ broadest ranges of​ ships on​ the​ seas. From large to​ small,​ Princess has it​ all. But with eighteen ships to​ choose from in​ the​ Princess line alone,​ deciding which ship suits you​ can be quite a​ job.

Princess has several very popular ships that are small—at least,​ as​ compared to​ some of​ their other ships. the​ Pacific Princess (670 passengers),​ Tahitian Princess (670 passengers) and Royal Princess (710 passengers) all offer the​ great service of​ Princess Lines,​ but with a​ more intimate feel.

Princess calls these smaller ships "small ship feel,​ big ship experience". the​ Tahitian Princess sails in​ the​ South Pacific,​ to​ Hawaii,​ French Polynesia,​ and yes,​ Tahiti. the​ Pacific Princess sails to​ a​ much broader range of​ destinations including Alaska,​ Asia,​ Australia and Europe. the​ final smaller ship,​ the​ Royal Princess,​ sails in​ southern Europe and South America.

One of​ the​ newest Princess cruise ships is​ also the​ largest. the​ Crown Princess,​ christened by Martha Stewart in​ June of​ 2018,​ is​ 951 feet long and can cruise with an​ amazing 3,​080 passengers. She has 14 passenger decks and over 1500 rooms. Sailing primarily in​ the​ Caribbean and northern Europe,​ the​ Crown Princess lives up to​ her name with a​ putting course,​ an​ ice cream bar,​ and even an​ art auction.

Many of​ the​ larger ships offer unique activities. Princess is​ the​ only cruise line to​ offer three distinct age-appropriate activities for youngsters. Princess Pelicans is​ for the​ youngest set and offers t-shirt coloring and other arts and crafts,​ pajama parties and kids-only dinners.

Shockwaves is​ for the​ tween crowd. Scavenger hunts,​ movie and video games,​ and "Science on​ the​ Seas",​ which was developed in​ conjunction with the​ California Science Center will keep this age group busy and entertained. Remix is​ the​ program developed for the​ teenagers on​ board. Remix teens get their own (alcohol-free) lounge area,​ evening dance parties,​ teen formals,​ and the​ only Teen Makeover program with skin and makeup tips.

On certain ships the​ offerings go even farther,​ with the​ Jr. CHEF Sea Program. Children get to​ go into one of​ the​ actual shipboard kitchens and prepare simple dishes. on​ Alaska cruises,​ the​ ships offer the​ Junior Ranger/Teen Explorer program which explores the​ delicate ecosystems of​ Glacier Bay and the​ Alaskan wilderness.

The range of​ activities for adults is​ even broader. of​ course the​ choices vary by ship,​ but some possibilities include: swimming or​ sunning by one of​ the​ numerous pools; ScholarShip @ Sea,​ where you​ can take short classes; a​ well-stocked library for your reading pleasure; or​ the​ Sanctuary,​ an​ adults-only escape area with light meals and beverages,​ spa service,​ and attention to​ your every need.

At night there are Broadway-style shows,​ dancing,​ parties and movies. of​ course there are also numerous bar and lounges where you​ can enjoy a​ drink—alcoholic or​ not—and the​ company of​ friends or​ that special someone.

No matter how much activity or​ relaxation you're looking for,​ Princess cruise ships can undoubtedly fill the​ bill. Start planning your getaway today.
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