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California,​ the​ third largest state in​ the​ U.S.A.,​ boasts of​ countless destinations that will surely cater to​ any traveler’s discriminative taste. There are numerous theme parks,​ national parks,​ historical sites,​ and natural wonders that span the​ state’s entirety. it​ is​ a​ state that can be summed up in​ one word – Diverse. Diversity can be manifested in​ the​ people,​ tourist spots,​ climate,​ and topography.

The people in​ California are a​ happy mixture of​ different ethnic backgrounds. Aside from your typical White Americans,​ there are the​ African Americans,​ Native Americans,​ Hispanics and Asians. a​ community of​ citizens with the​ same ethnic background is​ not difficult to​ find. This uncanny mixture of​ varying cultures makes travel to​ California as​ colorful and as​ memorable as​ can be.

Tourist spots abound the​ state. Numerous theme parks like Disneyland,​ Lego Land,​ Knott’s Berry Farm,​ Six Flags,​ and Magic Mountain are famous the​ world over. For those who want to​ commune with nature,​ there is​ always the​ national parks such as​ Yosemite. a​ journey through the​ state’s major cities would unveil modernity at​ its finest,​ but one could always take a​ trip to​ historic places like the​ Old Town of​ San Diego where rustic houses makes you​ feel like time stopped in​ the​ 19th century. For a​ touch of​ glitz and glamour,​ there is​ always Hollywood. Here,​ one could leisurely stroll down the​ walk of​ fame,​ visit the​ movie studios,​ see the​ celebrity’s homes,​ or​ even witness a​ movie being made. a​ visit to​ Hollywood could definitely make travel to​ California unforgettable.

Diversity could also be seen in​ the​ state’s climate. of​ the​ five major types of​ climate zones,​ four of​ these could be experienced in​ California,​ with only the​ hot and rainy tropical climate missing. Mediterranean climate can be experienced along coastal California and parts of​ the​ interior valley. it​ is​ characterized by relatively warm,​ dry summers and mild winters. Much of​ the​ San Joaquin Valley and the​ fringes of​ the​ Mojave Desert has a​ Semi-arid or​ Steppe climate. Here,​ rainfall is​ less and temperatures are warmer compared to​ that of​ the​ Mediterranean zone. a​ milder and somewhat cooler version exists along the​ narrow coastal strip from Los Angeles to​ San Diego. a​ somewhat unforgiving type is​ the​ Desert climate,​ which could be experienced in​ the​ southeastern part of​ the​ state,​ east of​ the​ Sierra Nevada and the​ Peninsular Ranges,​ and in​ the​ southwestern part of​ the​ San Joaquin Valley. Blocked by the​ mountain ranges from the​ moisture-laden Pacific storms,​ this region receives very little precipitation. This region accounts for the​ hottest temperature anywhere in​ the​ state,​ averaging over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in​ July. the​ highest temperature ever recorded in​ the​ United States occurred in​ Death Valley,​ reaching a​ high of​ 134 degrees Fahrenheit on​ July 10,​ 1913. Finally,​ the​ Microthermal or​ Alpine climate is​ present in​ the​ higher elevations of​ the​ Sierra Nevada,​ Modoc Plateau,​ and the​ Klamath Mountains. it​ is​ characterized by short,​ cool summers,​ and vigorous winters. This region is​ the​ major source of​ California’s water supply.

The topography of​ California is​ also a​ wonder on​ its own. the​ surface of​ the​ state could go as​ low as​ 282 feet below sea level (Badwater in​ Death Valley,​ the​ lowest point in​ the​ Western Hemisphere) to​ as​ high as​ 14,​495 feet (Mount Whitney,​ the​ highest point in​ the​ U.S. outside Alaska). Mountains cover most of​ the​ state’s surface 20% of​ which is​ covered by the​ Sierra Nevada,​ the​ longest mountain range in​ California. the​ state is​ also a​ host to​ three deserts,​ the​ Mojave,​ Colorado,​ and Death Valley. These,​ plus 1,​264 miles of​ coastal area make California’s topography as​ diverse as​ it​ could be.

With a​ state as​ diverse as​ California,​ one could always find things to​ do and places to​ go. That is​ why California never fails to​ make it​ as​ one of​ the​ world’s premiere destination for travel and relaxation.
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