Why A Disney Vacation Is A Perfect Fit With Your Travel Plans

If it's been years since you've been to​ the​ Magic Kingdom,​ a​ Disney vacation could be just what you​ need. Being transported into a​ realm where there's so much anticipation,​ variety,​ and adventure allows you​ to​ leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in​ the​ world of​ Disney. Even if​ you​ don't have children,​ you'll thoroughly enjoy making travel plans to​ Disney.

Theme Parks

Disney,​ of​ course,​ is​ known for its theme parks. Disneyland,​ in​ Anaheim,​ Calif.,​ features the​ Disneyland theme park and Disney's California Adventure. Your airline ticket can take you​ to​ John Wayne International Airport in​ Orange County,​ less than a​ thirty-minute taxi ride to​ Disneyland. as​ for your hotel,​ there are dozens from which to​ choose in​ every price range.

Although Disneyland itself is​ wonderful,​ Disney's California Adventure is​ completely captivating in​ its ability to​ convey the​ essence of​ the​ Golden State within the​ boundaries of​ a​ theme park. From its Hollywood back lot to​ its Boardwalk to​ its recreation of​ the​ majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains,​ California Adventure makes you​ feel like you've toured the​ entire state.

On the​ other coast,​ in​ Orlando,​ Fla.,​ Walt Disney World features four theme parks: the​ Magic Kingdom,​ Epcot,​ the​ Animal Kingdom Park,​ and Disney-MGM Studios. in​ addition,​ there are two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. as​ is​ that wasn't enough,​ you​ can also experience Downtown Disney and the​ Boardwalk,​ as​ well as​ the​ Wide World of​ Sports,​ championship golf courses,​ luxury spas,​ and so much more.


If you've never been on​ a​ Disney cruise,​ you​ don't know what you're missing. Even if​ you​ don't have children,​ a​ Disney cruise is​ a​ dream cruise. in​ fact,​ the​ way the​ ship is​ organized,​ you​ can take a​ Disney cruise and hardly ever see the​ kids. But if​ you​ do have children,​ they will be thrilled about going on​ a​ cruise with Disney.

Disney has two ships,​ the​ "Disney Magic" and the​ "Disney Wonder." the​ "Disney Magic" sails to​ the​ Mediterranean,​ to​ the​ Caribbean,​ and to​ the​ Mexican Riviera,​ while the​ "Disney Wonder" travels to​ the​ Bahamas. in​ addition to​ live shows,​ character experiences,​ and a​ movie theater,​ there are activities for children and adults of​ all ages. There are special clubs for children 3-12,​ and teens have their own space where they can hang out. There are even three pools: one for families,​ one for children only,​ and one for adults only.

Booking the​ Right Disney Travel Adventure

Many people think that booking a​ Disney vacation requires taking out a​ second mortgage or​ dipping into savings. But do a​ search online,​ and you'll find travel packages that are absolutely affordable. the​ more flexible your travel dates are,​ the​ better deal you'll be able to​ find. you​ should be able to​ find a​ package that includes airline fare,​ hotel accommodations,​ and cruise bookings within your price range. So,​ the​ next time you​ make travel plans,​ remember that the​ Magic Kingdom awaits!
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