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Modern-day Miami is​ the​ idyllic vacation destination for most Americans as​ it​ is​ a​ balanced blend of​ urban and tropical,​ a​ resort locale on​ one hand with all the​ big city trimmings of​ a​ booming economy on​ the​ other. Small cafes and art deco bars of​ Miami Beach exist alongside the​ megaclubs and skyrise hotels of​ Downtown’s Financial District. Somewhere in​ between,​ the​ Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve provides exciting sea adventures for the​ whole family and the​ Port of​ Miami supplies access to​ the​ Florida Keys and the​ Bahamas by way of​ major cruise ship.

Cosmopolitan Chic: a​ Global Retreat

Finding airfare to​ Miami from any destination worldwide has become easy since Miami has positioned itself on​ the​ international map culturally,​ financially and demographically over the​ last few decades. Miami struggled with an​ influx of​ immigration from the​ Caribbean,​ Cuba and South America combined with a​ massive exodus of​ financial capital throughout most of​ the​ 20th century. Today,​ Miami has bounced back with full force,​ overflowing with the​ swankiest restaurants,​ premier nightlife,​ designer shopping and restored historic art deco hotels that glitter the​ oceanfront avenues of​ South Beach.

A walk along Collins Avenue in​ South Beach will reveal the​ charm of​ rehabilitated 1920s architecture,​ commingling with a​ Latin and European flair of​ sidewalk cafes,​ designer boutiques and the​ buzz of​ multiple languages afloat through the​ air. Farther north into main Miami Beach along Ocean Avenue offers the​ luxurious beach club hotels that Miami is​ famous for. These hotels offer panoramic ocean views,​ self-contained clubs and lounges and a​ pool with private access to​ the​ crashing ocean waves.

The dining in​ Miami is​ just as​ representative of​ its multicultural population. Do not miss a​ Cuban meal (or two) and the​ Argentinean special of​ flash-fried steak. Ask a​ local for the​ best authentic cooking and make sure to​ brush up on​ some Spanish ahead of​ time. Miami has also become the​ epicenter of​ sophisticated cuisine. Celebrity chefs Nobu Matsuhisa and Emeril Lagasse have opened restaurants in​ South Beach and the​ Blue Door inside the​ breathtaking Delano Hotel is​ also a​ notable standout. Make sure to​ have stone crabs at​ one of​ your meals,​ a​ local specialty!

Feeling the​ Salty Breeze of​ Miami

Aside from eating,​ drinking and otherwise resort and spa life,​ Miami has an​ endless array of​ activities for all levels of​ interest. Snorkeling and Scuba diving are the​ most common activities,​ along with boat and Jet Ski rentals from most major ports along the​ bay. Book a​ sunset ride at​ the​ Tropical Park Equestrian Center or​ rent a​ kayak to​ take a​ scenic tour of​ the​ majestic mansions the​ line the​ bay along the​ mainland.

It’s time to​ come see the​ dramatic beautification and restoration of​ Miami for yourself. Book your airfare to​ Miami now and reserve a​ few nights in​ one of​ the​ historic boutique art deco hotels along Collins Avenue to​ get the​ full South Beach experience.
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