Where To Look For Fall Travel Deals

If you​ are one of​ the​ lucky few who can be flexible in​ vacation travel,​ taking fall vacations can be a​ great bargain for you. There are a​ number of​ special things going on​ to​ capatalize on​ plus summer venues still looking for the​ last of​ the​ tourist dollar.

Top summer destinations are usually great fall bargains. the​ weather can still be gorgeious and the​ crowds gone. Take a​ look at​ Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard during this time. Hawaii is​ typically a​ bargain in​ September. the​ summer crowds clear out and there are a​ few months before the​ holiday crowds start to​ come in.

Look to​ Europe during this time,​ too. Many cities emptying out from the​ summer tourist crush are still hungry for visitors. Weather can be great and look for speacial deals on​ packages that combine airfare,​ hotel and transfers plus a​ tour or​ two. Colder European destinations can be a​ special bargain and look for great deals to​ Russia and Scandinavia around this time of​ year.

For other ideas look to​ respositioning cruises. This is​ when cruises lines move their ships around to​ follow the​ sun. Most people want to​ cruise to​ the​ warmest,​ most pleasant regions of​ the​ world. Ships float and therefore they can pick up and just move from one side of​ the​ world to​ another to​ follow the​ sun.

Most Alaska,​ Europe,​ Mediterranean and Bermuda cruises,​ for instance,​ are offered in​ the​ summer when the​ weather is​ the​ best in​ those regions. For cruises to​ South America,​ the​ preferred time is​ winter (our winter,​ when it's summertime in​ the​ southern hemisphere). the​ Caribbean is​ warm year-round,​ though since hurricane season stretches from June through November,​ the​ optimal time to​ cruise the​ islands is​ winter and spring,​ though many ships are there year-round. in​ Asia,​ since much of​ the​ cruising region is​ near or​ just north of​ the​ equator,​ temps are very warm year round,​ though the​ wintertime months are slightly more comfortable.

To be in​ all of​ these places at​ the​ right time,​ ships reposition from one region to​ another,​ typically between seasons,​ during the​ months of​ September and October and April and May. These one-off oddball itineraries are called repositioning cruises and they're often deeply discounted because most don't include a​ whole lot of​ port calls. Many are two to​ three weeks in​ length,​ with a​ long,​ lazy stretch at​ sea crossing the​ Atlantic,​ Pacific or​ Indian oceans -- perfect for people who don't need too much action,​ though many lines feature guest lecturers and special entertainment and activities revolving around music,​ food,​ wine or​ other topics.

You'll find some repositioning cruises that don't include crossing over vast oceans and therefore offer more ports of​ call -- for example,​ when ships move between the​ Caribbean and New England/Canada,​ stopping at​ points on​ the​ eastern coast of​ the​ US along the​ way. There are a​ slew of​ options.

Get the​ most for your dollar and travel in​ the​ fall! See you​ on​ the​ road!
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