When Traveling To Memphis

Memphis the​ jewel of​ the​ mid-south,​ sits on​ the​ might Mississippi river,​ and is​ home of​ the​ worlds greatest attractions. if​ you’re looking for a​ vacation full of​ excitement,​ history,​ and southern charm,​ then Memphis Tennessee is​ the​ place for you.

Memphis a​ City that dates back over 200 years,​ also that survived the​ civil war,​ and the​ great earthquake is​ a​ warm inviting city for vacationers every year. Famous for its music and barbeque,​ there are also other things that one can visit while staying in​ Memphis.

Everyone should visit Beale Street where you​ still get the​ feel of​ that down home blues of​ B.B. King and Memphis Minnie. on​ Beale Street you​ can also get world famous soul food and party the​ night away with the​ sound of​ constant music from an​ eclectic assortment of​ musical clubs. it​ would also be comforting to​ talk a​ stroll down on​ Front Street to​ the​ Mississippi River. a​ ride on​ the​ Memphis Queen is​ always a​ nice closure to​ your evening. When the​ night has died down you​ can stroll back to​ you​ hotel room at​ the​ world famous Peabody Hotel and in​ the​ morning watch the​ ducks waddle in​ to​ lobby before breakfast. After breakfast,​ you​ should visit Elvis Presley Mansion and maybe stay or​ eat lunch at​ the​ Heartbreak Hotel in​ front of​ Elvis’s House. Mud Island,​ a​ replica of​ the​ Mississippi River is​ a​ museum full of​ enlightening information of​ Memphis’ past. you​ can also take a​ ride on​ the​ Monorail and maybe have brunch there. the​ Pyramid is​ also a​ tourist attraction found downtown,​ Memphis’ very own replica of​ Ancient Egyptian’s Pyramids.

There are other social important places to​ see as​ well. For instance a​ trip to​ Memphis wouldn’t be quite complete with a​ visit to​ the​ Civil Right Museum. There you​ can get the​ history of​ Civil Rights Movement,​ get a​ historical perspective,​ and even see where Martin Luther King was slain. the​ controversial replica of​ the​ Statue of​ Liberty is​ housed in​ Memphis at​ World Overcomers Church. it​ has received national attention,​ so don’t forget to​ stop by and get a​ snapshot.

Memphis’ very own NBA team,​ the​ Grizzlies play at​ the​ FedEx forum downtown. Go watch them in​ action while you’re in​ town. the​ Peabody Place,​ located in​ downtown Memphis is​ another great way to​ spend a​ day in​ Memphis. Shop in​ the​ malls,​ hang out at​ Jillian’s,​ or​ enjoy the​ IMAX theatre.

You can’t leave Memphis without stopping by the​ Memphis Zoo. Memphis’s Zoo is​ a​ large fantastic zoo that also features the​ Panda Exhibit. After the​ zoo,​ the​ Pink Palace Museum and the​ Brooks Art Museum are a​ must.

Remember when visiting Memphis,​ partake in​ all of​ it’s many inviting and alluring aspects. you​ won’t be sorry,​ because the​ southern hospitality,​ fascinating entertainment,​ and incredible cuisine will never disappoint you
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