When Colombia Calls You Travel Colombia Travel Information

Once a​ very untouchable country,​ Colombia today is​ more open to​ international travelers than it​ has ever been. the​ soaring peaks of​ the​ Andes and the​ motley ecology of​ the​ lowlands contributes to​ the​ indefinable nature of​ this ever-evolving nation. Yu will be able to​ swim in​ the​ Caribbean,​ hike through the​ Amazon,​ climb to​ exhilarating heights and,​ at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ sip premium coffee and cocoa with the​ locals.

The independent nation of​ Colombia is​ located in​ the​ northwest corner of​ the​ South American Continent,​ just across the​ Canal from Panama. to​ understand the​ infinite diversity of​ Colombian travel,​ one must understand its size and neighbors. Colombia is​ more than twice the​ size of​ France and is​ the​ only South American country to​ have a​ border with both the​ Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Airfare to​ Colombia is​ also a​ fantastic place to​ start in​ South America as​ Colombia shares borders with Brazil,​ Ecuador,​ Panama,​ Peru and Venezuela.

Sweet and Soulful City Life in​ Colombia

Travel to​ Colombian cities is​ a​ magical vacuum of​ time where colonial Spanish balconies hang regally over plazas next to​ modern commercial complexes along stone paved streets. For a​ uniquely urban Andean experience,​ visit the​ capital city of​ Bogotá at​ an​ elevation of​ 8,​660 feet. Airfare to​ Colombia through Bogotá is​ also quite common. the​ city is​ rich with Colombian history and culture,​ as​ well as​ posh nightclubs,​ swanky restaurants and some unique boutiques. Make sure to​ visit the​ MuSEO del Oro where spectacular gold and precious gem items from numerous Hispanic archeological sites have been preserved.

Cartagena is​ one of​ Colombia’s most famous and most photographed cities. Located along the​ Caribbean,​ visitors get to​ enjoy monumental Spanish architecture and exotic plazas within the​ old wall of​ this World Heritage Site with the​ gentle ocean breeze in​ the​ background. Dining and nightlife feature prominently in​ Cartagena’s cultural dynamics. Also,​ the​ Ciudad Perdida,​ or​ Lost City,​ is​ a​ must see for history buffs and relaxed vacationers alike. the​ remains of​ this indigenous community date from the​ 11th to​ the​ 14th century. the​ Lost City is​ one of​ the​ largest Pre-Columbian settlements and requires an​ exhilarating 6 day hike through thickly forested hills and valleys. This is​ a​ real hands-on way to​ become acquainted with the​ countryside!

Can’t Get enough of​ Colombia

When you​ book your airfare to​ Colombia,​ be aware of​ the​ vast and wondrous national parks,​ wilderness reserves and sparkling stretches of​ beach. Map out your itinerary and then your flight accordingly,​ as​ Colombia is​ expansive. if​ a​ private hammock on​ the​ beach is​ your ideal stay,​ do not miss the​ lavish beauty of​ El Parque Tayrona. For the​ avid divers and snorkelers,​ spend a​ few days among the​ whales and sea turtles of​ Isla Gorgona.
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