What You Need To Know About Barcelona Travel

Welcome to​ the​ home of​ 1888 World's Fair & 1992 Olympics,​ the​ capital of​ Catalan region-a culture branded for its unique amalgam of​ french & german mode of​ cooking. Known for its affluent culture & heritage,​ the​ city of​ Barcelona nestled on​ the​ shore of​ Mediterranean is​ of​ profoundly entrenched in​ the​ past.

The Spectacular Art & Architecture
Holidaying at​ Barcelona will treat your eyes with some of​ the​ worlds finest & out of​ the​ ordinary archaic architecture that stands unrivaled & unsullied till date. it​ is​ the​ work of​ the​ superlative Spaniard architect Antonio Gaudi. Gaudi's exclusive masterpiece work can be sighted at​ the​ church of​ Sagrada Familia ,​ the​ one storey apartment of​ Casa Batlo,​ Casa Mila also known as​ 'The Quarry'-the multi relatives private residence that gives the​ impression of​ surging around the​ self same corner,​ Casa Vicens-the summer villa outside Barcelona that is​ a​ perfect blend of​ traditional & innovative designs & last but not the​ least the​ Park Guell an​ urban setting project,​ a​ magnum opus of​ this genius.

Something more about Barcelona
The months of​ June & July flicker with the​ celebration of​ the​ Fest de Grec-Barcelona arts festival,​ October & November have the​ onus for the​ international film festival & May is​ swarming with all the​ grand prix aficionados. you​ may choose any of​ these seasons & even apart from these to​ marvel at​ the​ exquisiteness of​ Barcelona. the​ accommodations are conveniently obtainable suiting to​ your pocket. there's some nice hotels at​ Sur Diagonal,​ Eixample,​ Barri Gotic etc. & luxury villas t spoil your self on​ the​ countryside. Barcelona on​ the​ streets of​ germany has not scaled heights demographically. the​ thin population of​ les than four million,​ the​ city permits you​ to​ liberally roam around everywhere without much hurly burly.

To intensify the​ magnificence of​ Barcelona,​ what waits ahead is​ the​ outstanding & exquisite work of​ Picasso. Picasso's distinguished concerto is​ put on​ view at​ the​ Museu Picasso where wing of​ the​ museum parades Picasso's take on​ Valazquez's famous 'Las Meninas'. the​ MNAC i.e. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya displays an​ exotic collection of​ the​ work during Gothic & Renaissance era along with numerous other stupendous things like coins,​ medals,​ sculpture & carvings etc. but this is​ not all. a​ plethora of​ 20th century art & sculpture by prominent Joan Miro,​ Botero,​ Basquiat & Motherwell can be treasured at​ the​ MACBA - Mueseu d' Art Contemporani de Barcelona & Museu Fundacio Joan Miro museums.

On your holiday to​ Barcelona do not leave untouched the​ Ciutat Vella-the old city that nests in​ the​ midst of​ Barcelona that speaks of​ its rich Gothic architecture of​ medieval times & a​ memorable march on​ the​ pedestrian street of​ La Rambla that grounds vibrant markets & street entertainers.

The nightlife can be savored in​ the​ relatively solitary area of​ Gracia near the​ middle of​ Barcelona that also possesses the​ coveted Gaudi's project of​ Casa Vicens. Let the​ water caress & pamper your body at​ the​ beaches of​ Little Barcelona or​ Barceloneta & let your mouth relish the​ succulent seafood served here in​ Little Barcelona. a​ breath of​ air along the​ contemporary urban development project-Eixample where a​ grid is​ made with a​ garden adjacent to​ each block is​ unquestionably meaningful.

Once you​ step into this massive city that is​ bifurcated into numerous districts & zones,​ you​ will have no snag in​ getting around. From metros,​ buses & trains to​ rental cars all are at​ your service. to​ the​ budget travelers it​ is​ advisable to​ take a​ special 'Barcelona Card' that permits you​ free entry & discounts on​ hundred renowned venues along with priceless public transportation.
So are you​ ready to​ be bedazzled by the​ Barcelona curves & curvatures?
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