What You Must Do When Traveling With Seniors

Traveling with your parents can be a​ wonderful experience if​ you​ plan well ahead. Here are five things you​ must do to​ ensure that you​ and your parents will have a​ great vacation.

1. Ensure that the​ itinerary is​ not too fast paced.

Older folks tend to​ get tired easily and thus it​ is​ not advisable to​ include activities that are too strenuous. it​ is​ also not advisable to​ pack too many activities in​ the​ itinerary such that you​ and your parents have to​ rush from one place to​ another.

2. Ensure that everyone has ample sleep

Plan to​ have at​ least six to​ eight hours of​ sleep for you​ and your parents for each day of​ your vacation. Try to​ avoid having any more activities after 11 p.m. Prepare some hot water for your parents to​ soak their legs before bed time if​ there is​ a​ fair amount of​ walking in​ the​ day.

3. Have ample supply of​ their medication

If your parents are suffering from diabetes,​ asthma,​ hypertension,​ high cholesterol or​ any other illness,​ make sure you​ obtain ample supply of​ medication from their doctors to​ last for the​ whole trip. to​ ensure that you​ remember to​ bring the​ medication,​ create a​ checklist of​ things to​ bring and put their medication among the​ top five items on​ that list. as​ a​ safety precaution,​ ask them to​ carry a​ medical record of​ their illness and contact details in​ case you​ are not around when they need medical attention.

4. Healthy diet

Most older people do not take heavy meals and thus you​ need to​ plan for multiple light and healthy meals that are low on​ salts,​ oil and sugars but high in​ fiber. Always have a​ sandwich or​ high fiber biscuits in​ your bag in​ case they get hungry and there isn't a​ snack bar in​ the​ vicinity. Also make sure that you​ and your parents drink a​ lot of​ water to​ prevent dehydration.

5. Bring along a​ first aid travel pack.

Your first aid travel pack should contain medication for fever and diarrhea,​ cold symptoms and giddiness. it​ should also include a​ thermometer,​ tweezers,​ sharp scissors,​ safety pins,​ adhesive bandages,​ sterile gauze,​ adhesive tape and antiseptic wipes. While this list is​ not exhaustive,​ the​ stocks in​ the​ travel pack should be enough to​ cater to​ most conditions that require general first aid assistance. Do check the​ expiry date for those medications that you​ bring along to​ ensure that they are safe for consumption.

Traveling with your parents need not be a​ hassle as​ long as​ you​ plan ahead and take care of​ their needs. Involve them in​ all the​ activities along the​ way and remember to​ have fun!
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