What Travel Requirements To Mexico Should You Know

What Travel Requirements to​ Mexico Should you​ Know
Traveling into and throughout Mexico is​ still very simple,​ even in​ this day and age of​ heightened sensitivities about border control and enforcement .​
However,​ there are several key requirements that you​ should know about concerning travel in​ Mexico .​
These include knowing about documents that you​ should always carry with you,​ what type of​ items that you​ can and can't take from one country into another,​ and finally,​ the​ certain situations that are best avoided while vacationing in​ Mexico.
One of​ the​ most recent developments concerning international travel to​ and from the​ United States is​ the​ necessity of​ having a​ valid passport .​
As of​ January 23,​ 2018 United States citizens are required to​ show a​ valid passport if​ traveling by air outside of​ the​ country,​ that includes even to​ Mexico or​ Canada .​
By January 1,​ 2008 that requirement will also include any travels by sea or​ land outside of​ the​ country .​
To obtain a​ passport or​ to​ register a​ lapsed one all you​ need to​ do is​ visit one of​ the​ over 9,​000 passport acceptance facilities located throughout the​ United States .​
It is​ recommended that you​ allow 10-12 weeks time before your intended travel,​ as​ it​ could take that long before your passport documentation is​ completed.
The Mexican government will issue an​ official travel card to​ you​ .​
This travel card is​ usually included in​ the​ cost of​ your airline ticket,​ and it​ should be kept with your passport in​ a​ secure place while you​ are visiting the​ country .​
Always,​ keep your travel documents in​ a​ secure location that is​ not on​ your person .​
Writing down your travel card number and having it​ handy can be helpful in​ certain situations .​
It would also be prudent to​ have your driver's license and a​ copy of​ your birth certificate with you,​ although these are not required,​ they are always good to​ have - just in​ case .​
When you​ arrive in​ Mexico and again,​ when your return to​ the​ United States you​ will have to​ go through customs and fill out a​ form either declaring items that are above the​ allowance for an​ individual or​ choosing not to​ declare .​
Be aware that if​ you​ declare items your baggage will be searched and duty will be collected .​
Even if​ you​ don't declare anything,​ there is​ still the​ chance that you​ will be searched and any undeclared items found can result in​ heavy fines and penalties .​
While staying in​ Mexico be aware of​ purchasing items that may not be able to​ be brought home without paying a​ duty tax .​
a​ list of​ items allowed can be found on​ the​ Internet or​ by contacting your travel agent or​ airline.
Whether you​ are in​ any area or​ for that matter,​ any city that you​ are not familiar with,​ practice common sense in​ order to​ remain safe .​
If you​ are out at​ night enjoying the​ abundant nightclubs,​ always keep your money and valuables in​ a​ safe place .​
Never walk anywhere alone and avoid dark corners or​ dead ends .​
If you​ become a​ little worse for wear due to​ over-participation in​ adult beverages,​ do not drive and never walk alone back to​ your hotel .​
Even if​ it​ is​ only a​ couple of​ blocks,​ take a​ taxi .​
These are very simple requirements that you​ should adhere to​ when you​ vacation in​ Mexico .​
Following them and using common sense will ensure that you​ enjoy the​ safest vacation and one that is​ hassle free.
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