What Is A Travel Nurse

What is​ a​ Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse is​ a​ licensed nurse who typically works in​ a​ hospital for a​ few months at​ a​ time before moving onto a​ different hospital in​ a​ different part of​ the​ country.

Hospitals like to​ hire travel nurses and other traveling health professionals for a​ variety of​ reasons. Travel nurses can bring a​ variety of​ experience and knowledge that a​ hospital can benefit from. Lots of​ times,​ a​ travel nurse can act as​ a​ mentor for other nurses that have just completed their training and are not yet comfortable and/or confident with their new professional status. Medical facility's that have just opened will often hire the​ services of​ a​ travel nurse until they are up and running smoothly. the​ new,​ inexperienced staff will be able to​ benefit from the​ travel nurse's previous work experience. Most travel nurses enjoy the​ experience of​ traveling,​ meeting and working with new co-workers,​ and hope to​ gain a​ well rounded work experience that will serve them when they settle on​ working full time at​ a​ specific medical facility. Many travel nurses claim that the​ experience allows them to​ develop a​ better understanding of​ their chosen specialty. These same travel nurses also claim that their unique work experiences have helped reintroduce them to​ patient focused nursing.

Before they start working at​ a​ new hospital,​ a​ travel nurse has already established an​ agreement with the​ hospital. This agreement states what salary the​ nurse will be making while she is​ working for the​ hospital. Before traveling to​ the​ new hospital the​ nurse knows how much of​ their travel expenses will be paid for. They also know where they will be living while they are working at​ the​ medical facility.

Travel nurses generally enjoy a​ more lucrative salary then they would receive if​ they worked in​ a​ single location. the​ salary the​ travel nurse earns is​ generally based on​ the​ location they are working; typically a​ travel nurse will not earn as​ much working in​ a​ hospital in​ a​ rural community as​ they will earn working in​ a​ large inner city hospital. Some nurses prefer travel nursing to​ nursing in​ a​ single medical facility because they enjoy the​ opportunity to​ see the​ world and other cultures. Working in​ a​ constantly changing location challenges a​ travel nurses knowledge and talents. the​ skills that travel nurse develop on​ their journeys are skills that they will be able to​ utilized when they settle on​ a​ home base.

Travel nurses find employment through a​ travel nursing service. This service pairs nurses with medical facilities that are seeking a​ travel nurse. the​ travel nursing service typically has a​ long and happy relationship with hospitals,​ medical facilities,​ and medical professionals. the​ nursing service helps reach agreements between the​ medical facility's and the​ travel nurse. the​ travel nursing service will also be able to​ help the​ travel nurse make sure that they have the​ proper licensing to​ work in​ the​ state they are about to​ be going to.

Before a​ nurse can become a​ travel nurse there are a​ few professional criteria that they must complete first.
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