Washington DC Museums Monuments And Multiculturalism Washington DC Travel Information

As the​ nation’s capital,​ Washington D.C. is​ certainly not lacking of​ museums,​ monuments,​ exhibits,​ historic landmarks and a​ fantastic potpourri of​ cuisine and nightlife. the​ District of​ Columbia is​ vibrant and alive with thousands of​ college students,​ passionate non-profits and swarms of​ local and international government employees. Get a​ taste of​ this unique social climate when you​ book your airfare to​ Washington DC through one of​ the​ region’s major airports: Dulles International Airport (Virginia),​ Ronald Reagan International (Virginia),​ and Baltimore/Washington International (Maryland).

The city itself coexists as​ both the​ District of​ Columbia and the​ city of​ Washington. When the​ city was established,​ it​ was planned specifically to​ serve the​ United States as​ seat of​ government. a​ dispute arose between Virginia and Maryland as​ to​ which state would be home to​ the​ nation’s capital. Thus,​ the​ decision was made to​ establish Washington DC as​ an​ independent,​ non-state entity. What is​ most interesting about the​ city is​ its inhabitants are rule by the​ United States Congress,​ which has ultimate authority over DC and resulting in​ less government representation for residents than they would enjoy in​ a​ state.

The National Mall… but That’s Not All!

Although you​ will never find yourself short of​ things to​ do or​ see in​ Washington DC,​ there are several must visits in​ the​ District. a​ tour of​ the​ Capitol Building is​ a​ fascinating way to​ see the​ several stages of​ democracy as​ they emerged over the​ course of​ the​ nation’s history. the​ building itself was partially burned,​ along with the​ rest of​ the​ city,​ in​ 1814 by British forces and inside you​ can still see the​ remains of​ the​ old dome and the​ surrounding new,​ taller dome. you​ can also view the​ first Supreme Court,​ then housed inside the​ Capitol. This tour is​ most exciting because the​ building is​ an​ active part of​ today’s government,​ full of​ congressional interns,​ staffers and Congressmen.

Take a​ walk on​ the​ wilder side of​ Washington DC’s Rock Creek Park and visit the​ famous National Zoo,​ which is​ home to​ America’s famous pandas. Washington DC also offers the​ very popular Spy Museum,​ which covers the​ history of​ intelligence,​ espionage and code breaking in​ the​ United States and worldwide. the​ world renowned Smithsonian Institution is​ the​ most famous collection of​ museums and galleries,​ including the​ National Air and Space Museum,​ the​ National Portrait Gallery and the​ recently added National Museum of​ the​ American Indian. From the​ Smithsonian collection you​ will have the​ best view of​ the​ Capitol and the​ Washington Monument at​ either ends of​ the​ grassy Mall.

The Bounty Beyond Washington DC

Many of​ Washington DC’s attractions are beyond the​ limits of​ the​ District. Once you​ book your airfare to​ Washington DC on​ cFares,​ plan to​ explore the​ outlying areas like Arlington National Cemetery,​ just across the​ Potomac in​ Virginia. Take a​ bike ride from there down the​ scenic green waterside of​ George Washington Parkway to​ Mount Vernon,​ the​ home and plantation of​ the​ nation’s first president,​ George Washington. Washington DC is​ also surrounded by several National Parks and recreation areas,​ including Shenandoah National Park and Anacostia National Park. Find your airfare to​ Washington DC today and experience the​ heart and soul of​ America’s traditions,​ culture and democratic institutions.
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