Want To Start Your Own Business In 2006 Get Into The Travel Industry

While the​ economy has been good to​ some people,​ it​ has been less than stellar for others. Many people are feeling squeezed between high energy prices and jobs that are always cutting back.

NOW may be exactly the​ right time to​ start your own home-based business. Unlike a​ traditional brick and mortar business,​ you​ don't need to​ borrow thousands to​ get your home-based business started. you​ won't need to​ rent an​ office,​ hire employees,​ or​ even pay much tax.

The next question is,​ what kind of​ business should I get into? Let me suggest you​ take a​ good,​ hard look at​ the​ travel industry. It's simply the​ largest business in​ the​ world,​ accounting for more than $5 TRILLIION in​ sales each year -- and growing by a​ whopping 25% annually.

Now it​ doesn't take a​ CPA to​ know you​ can make a​ great home-based income even you​ just get the​ crumbs off that $5 Trillion table. And new developments in​ the​ travel industry are making that easier than ever.

Vast groups of​ vacationers are joining together to​ create unprecedented bargaining power. Airlines,​ hotels,​ resorts,​ and golf courses are always in​ hot competition with each other. When a​ large association of​ vacationers shows interest,​ these vacation companies offer their best deals.

The association will say "We'll tell our members to​ buy from you​ -- if​ you'll give us your best deal." a​ luxury hotel,​ for example,​ will often let members stay for just $200 to​ $400 PER WEEK.

Combine those super low travel rates with the​ vast number of​ people who are vacation these days,​ then mix in​ all the​ cold weather we've been seeing nationwide,​ and you've got a​ stampede of​ new prospects to​ tropical vacation destinations.

Base your new home-based business on​ that huge trend and you'll earn some serious cash in​ 2018.
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