Volunteering In Kenya The Exotic Volunteer Travel Opportunity

Kenya is​ situated in​ East Africa and shares its borders with Somalia,​ Tanzania,​ Ethiopia,​ Uganda and Sudan. Kenya has one of​ the​ greatest or​ biggest wildlife habitats in​ the​ world and it​ is​ called the​ Masai Mara,​ which sees the​ annual migration of​ Wildebeast. Some of​ the​ other big animals found in​ Kenya include buffalo,​ lion,​ leopard,​ rhinoceros and elephants.

Although Kenya has some natural resources and wildlife,​ there is​ still a​ lot more that Kenyan people need in​ terms of​ stabilizing the​ economy. There is​ poverty,​ lack of​ healthcare facilities,​ lack of​ education and poaching and amidst all this the​ Kenyan and the​ Masai tribal people are trying hard to​ carve an​ existence.

If you​ are interested in​ overseas volunteer work and want to​ add to​ a​ cause then volunteering in​ Kenya is​ a​ great opportunity! There are many organizations,​ which have specific programs that can help you​ get volunteer work in​ the​ form of​ teaching English overseas or​ lend a​ helping hand in​ development of​ a​ community. Volunteering in​ Kenya,​ Africa can vary depending on​ the​ programs but opportunities offered are in​ the​ following field:

• Academic reinforcement
• Adult education
• Childcare/children
• Community centers
• Handicapped
• Health care
• Homelessness
• Nature Conservation
• Pastoral work
• Primary education
• Relief
• Street kids
• Teaching
• Wildlife Conservation
• Women
• Youth development

Volunteering in​ Kenya means that you​ will get to​ amass a​ lot of​ experience through working on​ several programs for a​ longer duration. Attending these programs and working for a​ cause will be a​ value addition on​ your resume and also provide the​ necessary exposure. you​ will get to​ work with existing staff and depending upon the​ program,​ you​ will attend to​ the​ issue at​ hand. as​ a​ foreign volunteer in​ Kenya,​ you​ can get the​ following facilities but this will largely vary from organization to​ organization. They are:

• The program price can vary from $200 to​ $600 for 2 weeks
• You can choose from a​ variety of​ volunteer work in​ Africa
• The programs are mostly flexible
• You will get 24/7 support from existing staff
• You will get an​ airport pickup and/or drop
• Local transportation
• Food and lodging will be taken care of
• You will get introduced to​ the​ local people,​ existing staff,​ banks,​ restaurants,​ government officials etc.
• You will get to​ learn the​ local language through a​ crash course

Volunteering in​ Kenya also offers a​ range of​ opportunities for those who love to​ be close to​ nature and wildlife. a​ part of​ overseas volunteer work,​ wildlife and environment conservation programs in​ Kenya offer opportunities in​ animal welfare,​ biological research & conservation,​ wood cutting,​ fixing fences,​ ground patrol,​ protecting natural resources,​ reforestation,​ wildlife surveying and many more.

A typical volunteer for working in​ Kenya doesn’t need to​ have any kind of​ special education. you​ just need to​ be inspired and ready to​ work for a​ cause with passion and dedication. One of​ the​ key qualities required is​ the​ ability to​ adapt to​ the​ environment. There are times when volunteers from US or​ Europe are unable to​ eat the​ food prepared in​ Africa by a​ local Masai woman and it​ is​ not just about food,​ it​ is​ about complete adjustment and you​ have to​ become one with the​ project. the​ recommended age is​ 18 or​ more for any of​ the​ programs. Nationality or​ religion doesn’t matter for volunteering in​ Kenya.

Volunteering in​ Kenya teaching programs involves teaching in​ elementary and high schools and the​ subjects can vary from mathematics to​ English,​ science,​ social science,​ geography,​ history,​ painting,​ cooking and music. it​ doesn’t matter whether you​ have any prior teaching experience or​ not. it​ all comes down to​ one thing: Are you​ ready to​ volunteer for a​ cause?
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