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It is​ particularly annoying to​ get younger kids to​ cooperate during travel. But it​ is​ not their fault,​ because at​ their age they are naturally more inquisitive and more active. They are not content to​ stay put and lounge in​ the​ beach or​ hotel. They want lots of​ actions,​ something that your dream beach vacation cannot satisfy. Why not change your dream relaxation vacation to​ a​ fun family holiday? Virginia travel offers two exciting and affordable theme parks for your family's enjoyment.

These theme parks are not prohibitively-priced,​ meaning you​ can still afford to​ stay at​ nice hotels. Hotels dot the​ Virginian landscape,​ and are especially near the​ theme parks. After all,​ there is​ no better way to​ end a​ fun afternoon than by sleeping in​ a​ cozy room. Although these theme parks are not like Disneyland which have its own hotel,​ the​ thrill rides and sights more than suffice for this shortcoming. Paramount's Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg make Virginia travel something the​ whole family can enjoy.

Paramount's Kings Dominion boasts of​ being a​ water and theme park in​ one. it​ is​ a​ 400-acre affair with over 200 attractions and rides. International roller coaster fanatics troop to​ Kings Dominion for its 13 famous and world-class coasters. Teenagers and daring adults alike enjoy the​ thrilling loops and drops of​ these coasters. the​ park features Hypersonic XLC,​ the​ only American coaster that uses compressed air for launch power. Volcano Blast Coaster shoots up over a​ volcanic crater before diving at​ over 70 mph. There are also wooden coasters like the​ Rebel Yell and Hurler. Virginia is​ famous for its cinema complexes,​ and its theme park are not complete without movies. There are two rides that are inspired by major motion pictures. Tomb Raider Firefall engages all the​ senses and makes riders feel that they are part of​ the​ big Lara Croft movie or​ video game. Italian Job Turbo Coaster mimics the​ stunt chase scenes from the​ popular movie. Speed through the​ garage and the​ tunnels in​ mini Coopers and relive the​ film's thrilling chase. if​ the​ younger kids are not up to​ yelling themselves hoarse on​ the​ coasters,​ the​ Nickelodeon Central is​ alive with their favorite characters. Taking pictures and playing with Dora,​ the​ Rugrats,​ Spongebob,​ Scooby,​ and Jimmy Neutron are definitely allowed. There are also regular kiddie games wherein toddlers get to​ play and meet other children. For excitement,​ there is​ a​ spooky mansion and the​ Mystery Machine. All this fun for a​ fraction of​ a​ beach holiday. Plus,​ there are also season tickets and family promos.

For around-the-world fun,​ Busch Gardens Williamsburg is​ the​ place to​ go. the​ park is​ divided into six countries: Ireland,​ France,​ Scotland,​ Italy,​ Germany,​ and England. Each "country" showcases the​ best of​ their cultures with excellent food,​ landmarks,​ gardens,​ and parks. the​ authentic design and feel of​ the​ "countries" are enough to​ make visitors feel that they are country-hopping. the​ Busch Gardens is​ also home to​ a​ couple of​ the​ planet's best 25 roller coasters: Alpengeist and Apollo's Chariot. Virginia travel is​ not complete without some animal fun. Aside from the​ rides,​ the​ park is​ also big on​ environmental issues. it​ hosts a​ mini-zoo and animal sanctuary where the​ kids can see and interact with wolves,​ raptors,​ reptiles,​ and all things feathered,​ furry,​ and scaly. There are also lectures about environmental preservation. the​ park also offers discounts by availing of​ special cards and family promotions. Free entrance is​ also awarded to​ families of​ US service men.

With these two parks,​ Virginia travel is​ fun,​ easy,​ and very affordable. it​ also provides great bonding time for you​ and your family. Now,​ who says vacationing with kids is​ a​ hard chore?
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