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From Appalachia to​ the​ Potomac River,​ Virginia is​ diverse as​ it​ is​ rich with history. Revolutionary and Civil War battlegrounds rub shoulders with thriving urban centers and peaceful outdoor sanctuaries. Richmond,​ Virginia Beach and Arlington are the​ main points of​ entry,​ as​ well as​ the​ northeast neighbors of​ Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Virginia in​ the​ Books

Virginia is​ also certain to​ brush up your United States history,​ as​ eight Presidents were born here including George Washington,​ Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Mount Vernon was the​ home and plantation of​ George Washington,​ located on​ the​ Potomac River just south of​ Arlington and Washington D.C. Enjoy the​ expansive grounds,​ oceanfront walking paths and stables as​ well as​ a​ new giftshop and quaint colonial restaurant serving traditional food as​ well as​ some of​ George and Martha’s favorites. in​ Richmond,​ the​ Virginia State Capitol Building was designed by Thomas Jefferson and the​ University of​ Virginia in​ Charlottesville was founded by the​ former President as​ well.

You will also encounter more Revolutionary battlefields in​ Virginia than any other state. the​ Yorktown peninsula is​ the​ site of​ the​ famous battle that ended the​ Revolutionary War. During the​ Civil War,​ Richmond was not only the​ capital of​ Virginia but also of​ the​ Confederated States. Become surrounded by one of​ the​ great moments in​ United States history at​ the​ Appomattox Court House,​ the​ site of​ the​ Confederate surrender to​ the​ Union that ended the​ Civil War. Travel to​ Virginia’s northeast county of​ Arlington to​ pay respects to​ some of​ the​ great heroes of​ the​ nation at​ Arlington National Cemetery,​ including the​ Challenger Space Shuttle Mission,​ numerous Supreme Court Justices,​ the​ Kennedy family and even the​ mast of​ the​ sunken USS Maine from the​ Spanish-American War.

Voyage Beyond the​ Virginian Veneer

Once you’ve had your fill of​ history,​ get outdoors into some of​ the​ most breathtaking scenery on​ the​ Eastern Seaboard. the​ resort city of​ Virginia Beach is​ one of​ the​ most popular destinations along Chesapeake Bay. at​ your own leisurely pace,​ discover the​ many wildlife refuges,​ wildflowers,​ aquariums and seafood restaurants along the​ stretches of​ beach. Check out the​ First Landing Cross as​ well,​ the​ point where English settlers landed in​ 1607.

Spanning west across the​ Piedmont region,​ you​ will finally come to​ the​ Appalachian ranges,​ cooler temperatures and forested hillsides. the​ Shenandoah Valley plunges gloriously between the​ Blue Ridge Mountains and the​ Allegheny Mountains and offers unlimited outdoor adventure as​ well as​ endless Civil War stories. Discover why Virginia is​ truly for lovers… of​ everything!
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