Valencia Spain What A Great Travel Experience

Valentia,​ dating back to​ 137 B.C.,​ is​ what we now know as​ Valencia,​ Spain. if​ there was any confusion as​ to​ where Valencia is​ or​ what it​ is​ known for,​ the​ city's renovation with breathtaking architecture turned into museums,​ aquariums and Imax cinemas plus the​ hosting of​ the​ world famous America's Cup 2018 has definitely put it​ on​ the​ map. Valencia has gone through all kinds of​ cultures,​ taking advantage of​ each one's contributions,​ from the​ Romans through the​ Arabs,​ the​ Catholic Kings with Ferninand and Isabel,​ the​ dictatorship of​ Franco up to​ the​ democratic Spain which now exists. All of​ this and all that is​ happening nowadays is​ what has made Valencia,​ Spain what it​ is​ today and what it​ will be tomorrow.

Starting in​ the​ 70's,​ this Mediterranean city began hosting important congresses,​ now even better equipped with the​ new vanguard Music Auditorium and Congress hall built in​ 1988 in​ the​ old river-bed of​ the​ Turia River. a​ little further down the​ river-bed,​ you​ will find an​ impressive group of​ four white modern buildings,​ each one offering beauty to​ the​ eyes from the​ outside and an​ eye-opening experience on​ the​ inside. This is​ the​ biggest cultural free time resort within a​ city in​ all Europe.

The City of​ the​ Arts and Science consists of:

1.The Oceanographic Park
A spectacular revelation of​ the​ different phases of​ marine life,​ bringing what was once far away and unknown,​ close to​ the​ human eye.

2.Hemispheric Planetarium
Brought about so that once again,​ the​ spectator can experiment for themselves the​ attractive sensations of​ what space is​ all about. Through the​ most modern technology with Imax cinemas and laser shows,​ you​ are brought so close to​ outer space through impacting images and sounds.

3.The Prince Philip Science Museum
This was designed to​ house permanent science theme related expositions and modern technology.

4.The Arts Palace
This building will soon be completed and will be destined to​ the​ creation and diffusion of​ the​ scenic arts.

Heaps of​ fun for everyone in​ Valencia

There are so many other attractions for everyone's likings,​ all located inside the​ city centre and very easy to​ get to​ by bus,​ metro or​ car hire,​ such as​ the​ IVAM ( Valencian Institute of​ Modern Art ),​ Guillen de Castro Street no. 118,​ open Tuesdays to​ Sundays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. it​ usually costs 2 euros but Sundays and holidays are free. the​ Palace of​ the​ Marquee of​ Dos Aguas,​ found in​ a​ beautifully decorated alabaster building on​ the​ outside and typical Valencian ceramic and horse carriages on​ the​ inside. it​ is​ found on​ Poeta Querol Street no. 2,​ open Tuesdays to​ Saturdays from 10 to​ 2,​ from 4 to​ 8 but Sundays and holidays only from 10 to​ 2. Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings it​ is​ free and on​ the​ other days it​ costs 2.50 euros. But do not stop here,​ visit one of​ the​ many tourist offices within the​ city centre and get free information and timetable for all.

Las Fallas,​ the​ most popular street celebration in​ Valencia dating back to​ the​ 16th century is​ quite an​ event. it​ is​ celebrated from March 15th to​ 19th,​ where during five long days and nights you​ can enjoy seeing over 350 huge carton monuments on​ almost every corner,​ religious parades made up of​ the​ local lads and lassies dressed in​ beautiful brocade vestiments,​ offering bouquets of​ flowers to​ the​ Virgen Mary. All this can be seen in​ and around the​ Basilica Square where the​ flowers are artistically made into the​ Virgen's cape,​ with the​ baby Jesus held in​ her arms. But if​ you​ could not plan your visit or​ flight for these days,​ there is​ a​ fantastic Fallas Museum in​ the​ Monteolivete Square no. 4 which is​ the​ home of​ the​ most voted figures which have been saved from being burnt,​ which is​ the​ highlight of​ this celebration.

Valencia,​ Spain and its sea adventure

All that has been mentioned before has been and will continue to​ be part of​ this city's life for a​ long time,​ but the​ Americas Cup 2018,​ the​ most important yachting and sailing event in​ the​ world will only happen once. So if​ you​ are still planning some fantastic vacations and want a​ lot of​ new thrills,​ catch a​ flight to​ Valencia and book your hotel early to​ make sure that your holidays will be smooth sailing!
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