Using Courier Flying For Discount Travel

Unless you​ happen to​ be wealthy and have a​ lot of​ free time,​ chances are you​ wish you​ could fly more often than you​ currently can. Airfare is,​ of​ course,​ the​ most cost prohibitive element of​ long distance travel. Many people find themselves in​ situations where they know someone they could stay with in​ another city - so accommodations would be free - but there's simply no way of​ being able to​ get there affordably. in​ terms of​ discount travel,​ there are some solutions to​ expensive airfares that are worth looking into if​ you​ are flexible and interested on​ a​ short visit rather than a​ long trip.

One of​ the​ cheapest ways you​ can fly is​ called courier flying. How this works is: courier companies exist that specialize in​ delivering relatively small packages quickly - things like important business documents etc. . . and what these companies want is​ your baggage allotment on​ a​ flight. So they will offer extremely discounted fares in​ order to​ get your baggage allotment.

If you​ sign up for a​ courier flight,​ your job will be to​ show up at​ the​ airport with carry on​ luggage only,​ meet someone with a​ package who will check it​ onto the​ plane in​ your space (you won't normally have to​ handle the​ package),​ and take the​ flight. in​ most cases you​ are required to​ take a​ return flight as​ well in​ a​ relatively short time (usually a​ few days,​ and rarely more than a​ month),​ which is​ why courier travel is​ more suitable to​ quick cross-country visits than long term travel.

Here are some samples of​ the​ approximate discounts on​ return fares,​ obtained through a​ simple internet search: New York to​ Paris,​ $250; Los Angeles to​ Sydney,​ $400. in​ some cases,​ if​ you​ are on​ their call list,​ the​ courier may become desperate with a​ last minute flight and offer it​ for free.

Now,​ with such extreme discounts,​ there must be a​ catch,​ right? of​ course: courier flying would be simply too good to​ be true it​ didn't come with an​ extreme lack of​ flexibility. Courier flying works by placing yourself on​ a​ list to​ be contacted by the​ companies. You're not likely to​ receive much notice,​ and until you​ board the​ plane,​ your fate is​ entirely in​ the​ hands of​ the​ courier company: if​ there is​ a​ change or​ a​ problem with the​ package,​ for example,​ you're out of​ luck.

More so than other types of​ discount travel,​ courier flying is​ dependant on​ you​ being able to​ establish a​ repoire with the​ company. if​ you​ have been flexible and completed flights for a​ company in​ the​ past,​ you​ may be able to​ establish a​ relationship where they call you​ first to​ offer a​ flight,​ in​ which case you'll have some more options.

Regardless,​ to​ engage in​ courier flying you​ have to​ be very flexible,​ and although it​ is​ one of​ the​ most extreme forms of​ discount travel available,​ it​ remains fairly restrictive. if​ you're interested your best bet is​ to​ try one or​ two courier flights and hope that you​ can establish a​ good relationship with the​ company.
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