Use Hostel Accommodation If Travelling On A Budget

You might think of​ hostelling as​ something that college students do while traveling through Europe for the​ summer. However,​ hostelling is​ not just for the​ college crowd anymore,​ and now includes people of​ all ages and backgrounds. if​ you​ are a​ traveler on​ a​ budget,​ staying at​ a​ hostel can be an​ adventure that will add to​ your travel experience.

Staying in​ a​ hostel will not be everyone’s cup of​ tea,​ and many travelers would prefer to​ spend the​ money on​ a​ traditional hotel. Hostel traveling is​ best suited to​ those traveling alone,​ or​ to​ young people traveling in​ groups. Hostels are not really recommended for families traveling with young children. in​ fact,​ many hostels do not accept children under a​ certain age.

Most hostels are set up like dormitory rooms,​ with several bunk beds arranged in​ the​ room,​ with anywhere from four to​ ten bunks per room. Each traveler is​ assigned a​ specific bed upon check-in.

Nearly all of​ the​ hostels in​ the​ United States group their accommodations according to​ gender,​ with the​ female guests in​ one section of​ rooms and the​ male guests in​ another. in​ multi-level hostels,​ males and females are often separated by floor.

It is​ not uncommon,​ however for European hostels (and those elsewhere around the​ world) to​ allow mixed genders to​ share a​ room. Make sure to​ ask about the​ policy of​ the​ hostel before you​ check in. I,​ as​ a​ woman traveling solo,​ have never encountered a​ problem with these arrangements,​ and I have stayed in​ hostels throughout Europe,​ including Rome,​ London and Amsterdam. Some visitors might be surprised or​ offended by these sleeping arrangements.

The bathroom accommodations at​ hostels differ also,​ with some rooms containing a​ shared bathroom and shower,​ while other hostels will have shower and bathroom facilities located in​ the​ hallway. if​ you​ would prefer not to​ share a​ bathroom with strangers,​ make sure you​ ask about the​ hostel’s policy ahead of​ time.

More often now,​ reservations are becoming increasingly vital at​ hostels,​ especially during the​ summer months in​ popular cities. it​ is​ now not at​ all unusual for hostels in​ popular tourist cities to​ be booked solid for months,​ where once it​ was common for travelers to​ be able drop by the​ hostel and expect to​ get a​ bed.

Price is​ by far the​ biggest appeal of​ staying at​ hostels. the​ nightly rate for a​ hostel is​ usually no higher than $25 or​ $30 per night,​ with most costing even less. With the​ average hotel room costing somewhere around $100 to​ $150 in​ many cities,​ it​ is​ easy to​ see why hostels are becoming such a​ popular alternative.

Another benefit of​ staying in​ a​ hostel is​ that the​ staff is​ extremely accommodating and knowledgeable about the​ local area. Unlike many staff members of​ some luxury hotels,​ who travel in​ from the​ outlying areas and rarely see the​ city in​ which they work,​ hostel staff tend to​ live in​ the​ city,​ and have an​ personal knowledge of​ the​ local sites,​ including which attractions are can’t miss and which ones aren’t worth the​ trip.

Hostels also usually have access to​ discounts and coupons for local area attractions and restaurants,​ and they can provide information on​ the​ best restaurants and hangouts around.

While not everyone will find a​ hostel appealing,​ and the​ accommodation of​ a​ local hostel are simple at​ best,​ they can be wonderful options for lodging for the​ budget minded traveler. After all,​ the​ goal of​ travel is​ to​ get out and see the​ world,​ and hostel travel lets you​ save money on​ lodging so that you​ can do just that.
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