Unique Travel Gifts For Christmas

Coming up with unique Christmas gift ideas can be difficult. if​ you’re buying for a​ traveler,​ here are a​ few unique travel gifts you​ should consider.

Travel Gifts

For some people,​ travel consists of​ hopping on​ a​ plane and moving around the​ country as​ part of​ a​ job. For others,​ it​ is​ an​ opportunity to​ get out and see exotic locations. Regardless of​ the​ type of​ travel,​ following are a​ list of​ unique travel gifts you​ can buy friend and family who travel.

1. Gladiator School – Watching the​ movie,​ Gladiator,​ each of​ us had a​ moment where we pictured ourselves on​ the​ floor of​ the​ coliseum. Well,​ now you​ can give someone the​ ultimate travel gift. Yep,​ Gladiator lessons in​ Rome,​ Italy. Located on​ the​ ancient Appian rode where Spartacus met his end,​ the​ Gladiator School offers a​ variety of​ lessons in​ the​ theory and actual combat techniques of​ the​ Gladiators. you​ will actually cross swords with others. Courses range from on​ day to​ four months.

2. Packing Compressors – Okay,​ these aren’t the​ most exciting of​ gifts,​ but travelers love them. When you​ travel,​ space is​ at​ a​ premium. Packing compressors are zip bags that hold clothes. the​ bags have a​ pressure valve that removes the​ air and reduces the​ space taken up by the​ clothes by over 80 percent. This means you​ don’t have to​ leave the​ wool sweaters and winter jackets at​ home. a​ tremendous utilitarian item. Eagle Creek is​ the​ leading brand in​ this category and you​ can spend between $10 and $30 depending on​ the​ size of​ the​ bag. This is​ a​ travel gift that will actually be used and cherished.

3. 1,​000 Places to​ See Before you​ Die – This books makes a​ great gift for travelers. Locations and descriptions of​ unique places are included. Be warned,​ the​ person you​ give this gift to​ will end up sitting somewhere for hours reading it. in​ rare cases,​ they’ll walk out the​ door and go directly to​ the​ airport. you​ can buy it​ at​ any bookstore.

4. Swiss Army Knife Pens – Everyone knows the​ value of​ Swiss Army Knives. Now you​ can buy it​ in​ the​ form of​ a​ pen. the​ tools pull out of​ the​ top of​ the​ pen just like the​ traditional knife. Expect to​ pay $30 for this travel gift.

5. Fly the​ Big Apple – if​ New York City is​ on​ the​ travel itinerary,​ then a​ helicopter tour over the​ Big Apple is​ a​ great gift and surprisingly inexpensive. Xperience Days is​ offering them for $65.

6. Nomad Travel Journals - a​ little self-promotion here. Nomad Travel Journals are compact writing journals that let travelers keep notes about their trips. Really great for creating a​ record of​ who was on​ the​ trip,​ things seen,​ people met,​ contact information such as​ email address,​ phone numbers and so on. as​ the​ years pass,​ you​ can read back through your travel journal to​ relive trips and laugh yourself silly over funny events you​ might otherwise forget. a​ tremendous gift for student travelers and backpackers. you​ can click the​ link at​ the​ bottom of​ this article to​ see the​ travel journals which cost $25 with case.

Shopping for the​ holidays can be stressful. if​ you’re buying for a​ traveler,​ any of​ the​ above gifts will be a​ hit.
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