Unforgettable Cruise Travel Trip To Asia

A cruise to​ Asia may just be the​ thing for you​ if​ you​ wish to​ explore exotic lands. There are many different cruise lines that offer trips to​ Asia,​ and all of​ them feature various itineraries to​ choose from.

One of​ the​ specific cruise lines that offer cruise travel to​ Asia is​ Crystal Cruises. They feature cruises that last anywhere from 11 to​ 16 days,​ and include many exciting adventures in​ Asia. They have four different excursion packages to​ choose from that include the​ Ancient Dynasties,​ Mysteries of​ Asia,​ Kingdoms of​ Jade & Gold,​ and the​ Exotic Asian Odyssey.

The Ancient Dynasties cruise lasts for two full weeks and includes trips to​ Honk Kong,​ Beijing,​ and Shanghai,​ China,​ Taipei,​ Taiwan,​ Kagoshima,​ Japan,​ as​ well as​ offering an​ “Adventures in​ Beijing” land tour once the​ cruise has completed.

The Mysteries of​ Asia excursion includes overnight stays in​ many cities including Nagasaki,​ Hong Kong,​ Shanghai,​ and Osaka. Optional land tours are also available with this particular cruise package.

The Kingdoms of​ Jade & Gold will take the​ traveler from Hong Kong to​ Singapore with several stops included,​ and this adventure lasts for a​ total of​ eleven days.

The Exotic Asian Odyssey goes to​ Thailand,​ Myanmar and India. it​ lasts for an​ extensive sixteen days and many land excursions are also available.

While cruising through the​ open sea you​ can enjoy the​ many amenities offered aboard the​ cruise ship. the​ ship can accommodate 940 guests,​ and features a​ full service fitness facility,​ a​ Jacuzzi and two swimming pools,​ a​ Caesar’s Palace casino,​ a​ teak Promenade Deck,​ and a​ wide variety of​ live entertainment and exquisite cuisine.

On any given night,​ or​ during the​ day for that matter,​ the​ entertainment choices seem virtually endless. on​ board entertainment choices include Broadway style shows,​ classical musicians,​ jugglers,​ ventriloquists,​ comedians,​ live jazz in​ the​ piano bar,​ dancing in​ a​ choice of​ lounges,​ a​ movie theater which features new and recently released motion pictures,​ as​ well as​ offering lectures on​ such topics as​ golf,​ gambling,​ health & fitness and so much more.

Some cruises that travel to​ Asia also have stops in​ Hawaii,​ and these will allow you​ to​ enjoy island life for a​ day before setting off on​ the​ Pacific Ocean as​ you​ head towards Hong Kong. While many cruises that offer a​ stop over in​ Hong Kong have predetermined land excursions that all passengers must participate in,​ other cruises allow passengers to​ plan their own day trips while in​ Hong Kong. if​ your cruise affords you​ this worthwhile opportunity,​ one of​ the​ things that you​ must see is​ Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is​ in​ essence a​ mountain that features magnificent restaurants,​ wonderful shopping,​ and the​ most gorgeous views in​ all of​ Hong Kong. the​ top of​ Victoria Peak can be reached by taking the​ Peak Tram,​ which will afford you​ the​ opportunity to​ see all that the​ Peak has to​ offer as​ you​ make your way to​ the​ top.

A cruise to​ Asia is​ in​ no doubt something that you​ will never forget,​ no matter what your destination will be.
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