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Ukraine travel
Many people look for more unusual places to​ go on​ vacation these days and countries from the​ former Soviet block are increasingly popular .​
The Ukraine is​ recommended for people with a​ sense of​ adventure who enjoy beautiful scenery and interesting cities .​
Ukraine travel offers mountains,​ coastal resorts,​ a​ fascinating history and friendly people .​
Visas are not usually required for people from most countries going on​ vacation purposes .​
Foreign languages are not widely spoken,​ with the​ exception of​ some Hungarian,​ so it's a​ good idea to​ take a​ Ukraine phrase book .​
Part of​ the​ fun of​ embarking on​ Ukraine travel is​ trying out the​ local dishes,​ which have a​ reputation for being very tasty .​
Menus are not usually translated and so be prepared for some surprises! Traditional dishes include Borsch Soup,​ which is​ made from beetroot .​
Other specialties include potato pancakes and dumplings with various fillings .​
The local drink is​ vodka or​ brandy,​ particularly the​ local Horika,​ which is​ vodka flavored with pepper .​
It is​ important to​ by alcoholic beverages from supermarkets or​ liquor stores as​ some dangerous fake drinks are sold elsewhere.
The capital city of​ Kiev is​ an​ ancient city with many historic attractions .​
The Boryspil International Airport is​ a​ busy landing place for tourists and the​ city is​ easy to​ explore by taxi,​ bus,​ metro or​ tram .​
There is​ also a​ funicular ride that gives spectacular views .​
Visitors can take a​ boat cruise to​ the​ Black Sea during the​ summer .​
Khreschatyk Street is​ the​ main thoroughfare in​ the​ city center and has a​ vibrant atmosphere with several street entertainers performing for the​ crowds .​
The oldest surviving church is​ St .​
Sophia's Cathedral,​ some of​ which dates back to​ the​ 11th century .​
The Pecherska Lavra is​ also well worth a​ visit on​ a​ Ukraine travel itinerary .​
This 11th century cave housed a​ monastery and underground church .​
Today,​ it​ caters for tourists and contains a​ museum,​ detailing the​ history of​ the​ cave and its inhabitants.
Odessa is​ another city,​ popular with tourists .​
It is​ one of​ the​ largest ports,​ serving the​ Black Sea and has a​ charming Old Town .​
It is​ a​ favorite resort amongst Ukrainian people as​ well as​ foreigners on​ Ukraine travel .​
There are many museums,​ galleries and parks .​
One of​ the​ most notable buildings in​ the​ city is​ the​ old opera house.
The Crimea,​ in​ the​ southern district of​ the​ Ukraine offers beach resorts and beautiful coastal,​ mountainous areas .​
Accommodation is​ inexpensive on​ the​ coast and the​ mountains are popular with backpackers,​ attracted to​ the​ many hiking trails .​
There are only a​ few camping sites however,​ so trips in​ this region must be well planned.
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