Turks And Caicos Travel A New Experience

Pristine white sandy beaches,​ crystal clear turquoise water and near perfect weather are just a​ few reasons you​ might consider Turks and Caicos travel,​ a​ different experience from your typical Caribbean destinations. the​ natives to​ these islands are known for their friendly spirits; they will ensure a​ vacation that entails a​ truly relaxing and comfortable stay. if​ you​ are looking to​ de-stress from the​ pressures of​ daily living,​ look no further.

These beautiful islands are home to​ the​ third largest coral reef system and some of​ the​ best tropical beaches in​ the​ world. With over 230 miles of​ beaches,​ Turks and Caicos is​ a​ premier destination for family vacations,​ adventure seekers,​ ecotourism and of​ course for romance. an​ ideal location for diving and snorkelling,​ it​ is​ considered to​ be one of​ the​ top 10 in​ the​ world. Perhaps this is​ just one of​ the​ reasons why over 60% of​ visitors choose to​ keep returning to​ the​ incredible beaches Turks and Caicos offer.

The weather is​ very consistent; it​ is​ hot,​ sunny and rarely experiences rain. October and November are the​ wettest months of​ the​ year and by Caribbean standards,​ it​ is​ not really that wet at​ all! of​ the​ 40 different islands,​ only 8 of​ them are still inhabited. a​ great way to​ truly experience the​ Turks and Caicos Islands,​ is​ to​ visit each island in​ the​ chain. Most of​ the​ islands are only about 10-25 minutes by air from Providenciales and most can be reached by boat as​ well.

Providenciales,​ or​ more commonly known as​ “Provo,​” is​ the​ most developed island in​ Turks and Caicos. Found on​ the​ west side of​ the​ islands,​ it​ offers all the​ modern conveniences and is​ the​ most populated,​ while remaining a​ destination for those looking to​ escape their busy lives and relax. you​ can find a​ full service grocery store,​ a​ casino,​ retail shops,​ a​ golf club and offers a​ wide choice of​ Providenciales hotel and resort accommodations. One of​ the​ most beautiful beaches Turks and Caicos has to​ offer,​ Grace Bay,​ can also be found here.

North Caicos is​ the​ lushest of​ all the​ islands and boasts the​ largest flock of​ Pink Flamingo on​ the​ islands. Here you​ will find Whitby Beach,​ a​ 7 mile stretch of​ white sands that covers most of​ the​ northern coast. North Caicos is​ also home to​ the​ famous Three Mary’s Cays where you​ can go snorkelling to​ find a​ huge Osprey Nest on​ the​ third Cay.

Grand Turk is​ the​ capitol island that features historical buildings and an​ unforgettable rustic charm. One of​ the​ main attractions of​ Grand Turk is​ diving. There are many dive operators and schools that cater from novice snorkels to​ experienced divers. Here you​ will find an​ incredible protected coral reef that drops to​ 8000 feet and is​ close enough to​ shore for beach dives. One of​ the​ most popular excursions just off Grand Turk is​ Gibbs Cay. it​ is​ an​ uninhabited island that is​ perfect for a​ picnic on​ the​ beach and offers you​ a​ chance to​ feed the​ beautiful stingrays that swim right up to​ the​ shore!

No matter what you​ are looking for from your Turks and Caicos travel,​ you​ are sure to​ find it​ among the​ incredible beaches and resorts that are found here. From diving excursions to​ fun in​ the​ sun,​ the​ friendliness and warmth found here on​ the​ islands is​ unparalleled. Your vacation dreams are sure to​ be found amongst the​ islands of​ Turks and Caicos.
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