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When searching for value in​ travel,​ everyone comes in​ contact with the​ package travel holiday. Before you​ recoil in​ horror,​ let’s face it,​ if​ you​ are going to​ a​ place for the​ first time and want to​ do this safely and within a​ budget,​ packaged holidays often can’t be beat. They will provide your airfare,​ hotel,​ often with a​ choice of​ several grades,​ from economy to​ luxury and travel from the​ airport. Keep in​ mind that the​ hotels often offer 2 meals with this kind of​ booking and the​ package usually includes a​ sightseeing bus or​ vouchers for sightseeing. Often the​ package holiday includes other helpful discounts,​ such as​ museum passes. the​ package holiday may not be your style,​ but unless you​ have the​ time to​ really research your destination,​ this type of​ tour may provide the​ ultimate in​ sightseeing at​ a​ good price and safe and comfortable conditions.

However there is​ a​ type of​ holiday travel value that is​ growing in​ popularity. it​ is​ a​ sort of​ organized tour for the​ independent traveler. Several companies has sprung up that offer a​ type of​ unguided but planned holiday that offers perhaps not the​ cheapest price but undeniably great value for your holiday dollar.

The prototype of​ this kind of​ company is​ an​ American based purveyor started 35 years ago called Idyll Untours. Untour is​ aimed at​ the​ independent traveler who doesn’t want to​ do everything him or​ herself. Untour offers a​ many destinations throughout the​ world and a​ choice of​ apartments therein. They book the​ apartment for your and sort the​ traveler out with maps,​ information on​ the​ area and a​ travel car or​ car rental,​ both obtained at​ group rates not offered to​ the​ independent traveler. These savings are passed on​ to​ the​ client,​ as​ well as​ the​ name of​ a​ contact person at​ the​ destination in​ case something goes wrong. This person is​ also a​ helpful source of​ information and will coordinate activities with other people traveling independently through this company. Idyll sends brochures with information on​ the​ history of​ the​ region,​ entertainment,​ things to​ do and general information,​ everything you​ want from a​ tour. However the​ difference is​ that once the​ information is​ given,​ Idyll bows out and allows the​ traveler to​ experience travel on​ his own and at​ the​ desired pace. the​ traveler has the​ full knowledge that,​ should a​ problem arise,​ there is​ support and help available.

Another company offering trips for the​ natures is​ New Experience,​ a​ small family run organization base in​ the​ United Kingdom. They also book the​ basics of​ a​ holiday,​ airline travel and hotel,​ with a​ range of​ choices from nearly hostel accommodations,​ or​ bed and breakfast type to​ four stars. They equip the​ traveler with maps,​ information and a​ rail card that provides a​ 50% saving on​ transportation at​ the​ destination. They send a​ detailed brochure of​ activities and let the​ traveler at​ peace to​ explore.

This type of​ organized tour,​ but not a​ tour,​ is​ to​ my mind the​ ultimate travel value. the​ nuts and bolts of​ travel have been solved,​ and the​ traveler is​ left to​ discover the​ destination at​ his own pace and in​ his own way.
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