Trip Planning Tips For Travelers

A well-planned vacation always means a​ happier,​ more enjoyable,​ more memorable and a​ safer trip.
RESEARCH your travel destination.

Study the​ local climate and tourist seasons so you​ pick the​ best time to​ travel there and feel yourself comfortable. We also have unique articles and downloadable maps for the​ most popular travel destinations.

Learn about local laws and customs of​ the​ countries to​ which you​ are traveling. Find out the​ most interesting sights,​ attractions you​ would like to​ see. Make a​ list of​ them,​ place the​ route on​ an​ up-to-date map.

Read up on​ the​ places you​ plan to​ visit,​ chat to​ people who have been there,​ ask them for advice. These days it​ can easily be done through Internet.

Learn about festivals,​ holidays,​ shows in​ the​ country you​ are about to​ visit. Be sure that important attractions are open the​ day you​ willl be there. Many tourist attractions are closed for at​ least one day during the​ week.

Learn the​ ENTRY REQUIREMENTS,​ provide documents reqiured. is​ a​ great source for finding out this information. Make sure you​ have a​ signed,​ valid passport and entry visas,​ if​ required. Fill in​ the​ emergency information page of​ your passport. Your legal name should be the​ same on​ all your travel documents.


TravelMake has an​ informative page on​ transportation tips for travelers with links to​ discount airlines and train schedules worldwide. it​ is​ an​ excellent data source that may help in​ your research. We also can offer you​ flight reservations at​ great prices,​ you​ will save even more if​ you​ choose to​ book air+hotel. if​ you​ need a​ rental car,​ we can offer you​ wide variety of​ vehicles for rent at​ popular travel destinations around the​ world.


Do not overstress yourself with a​ tight timeline,​ leave some time for relaxation and rest between sightseeing activities. Book accommodations ahead of​ time.


Make all necessary reservations for your trip ahead of​ time. HEALTH and SAFETY.

We devoted one web page to​ health tips for travelers. There you​ will find advice on​ health risks and prevention measures for various diseases,​ so you​ can have a​ safer trip if​ you​ plan it​ properly.

Do not forget to​ purchase a​ travel insurance for your trip,​ it​ will provide you​ with a​ safety blanket if​ something goes wrong. For travel safety advice,​ basic foreign country information,​ current safety issues and warnings visit the​ official web site of​ the​ US government. Europeans can check out safety recommendations issued by the​ UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel. Another great source of​ advice on​ travel safety is​ the​ Australian Government's Travel Advisory web site.

Plan a​ visit to​ your family doctor before your trip to​ ask his advice and to​ get an​ extra supply of​ regularly taken prescribed medications.

Prepare extra copies of​ your travel documents and the​ trip's itinerary,​ leave them with your relatives or​ friends so they would know where to​ look for you​ if​ necessary.

Notify by phone or​ register in​ person with your homeland embassy or​ consulate upon arrival.


Ask your neighbor or​ relative to​ pick up your mail and look after your house while you​ are away. Consult your property insurance agency about their policy on​ leaving your house abandoned. Some agencies have strict regulations that would not allow to​ cover possible damages to​ property if​ it​ stays uninhabited for a​ certain period of​ time.

If you​ are asked to​ deliver a​ package for a​ stranger,​ refuse. Exchange currency only at​ established and licensed locations,​ at​ banks and hotels.


Traveling children also need to​ have a​ valid passport. if​ it​ is​ required,​ you​ also have to​ provide an​ entry visa to​ each of​ your children. Visit web site for details.

For bottle-feeding babies,​ bring prepared formula and bottled water. Bring along water or​ juiceboxes. a​ plastic food container will suit for storing a​ half-eaten or​ an​ untouched meal,​ for later. Do not forget wipes for cleaning up dribbles down shirt-fronts and spills. Take plenty of​ amusements: some toys,​ books and treats.

To avoid ear pressure problems,​ have little babies nurse or​ suck their bottles during airplane takeoffs and landings. Toddlers and kids can suck on​ a​ candy or​ chew gum.

TravelWithYourKids web site offers advice and tips for traveling families: the​ places to​ stay,​ to​ eat and the​ things to​ do.

We wish you​ a​ successful and safe trip!
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