Tricks For Disney Travel

Have you​ been planning for years to​ take that trip to​ Disney World. Are your kids are now at​ that special age where they still believe in​ the​ magic that is​ Disney. Have you​ saved up the​ cash and are ready for the​ trip of​ a​ lifetime.

Then you​ need to​ learn a​ few tricks before heading off to​ Disney World and wasting much of​ your hard earned money.

The first trick for the​ savvy Disney vacationer is​ to​ check on​ e-bay three weeks before the​ trip looking for park tickets. Never buy single day single park tickets. the​ park-hopper ticket is​ the​ way to​ go. This ticket will allow you​ change parks during the​ days of​ your vacation. you​ can leave one park and go to​ another to​ avoid the​ crowds.

Get to​ the​ parks early in​ the​ day. Most families like to​ sleep in​ and enjoy a​ late breakfast. So even with the​ parks opening early in​ the​ day they are relatively empty first thing in​ the​ morning. Ride the​ park rides at​ the​ back of​ the​ park first. it​ may take a​ while to​ walk into the​ park but most other patrons stop at​ the​ first rides and ride those. as​ the​ park starts to​ fill they move to​ the​ back rides. Utilize this time to​ enjoy some of​ the​ popular rides at​ the​ back of​ the​ park and save your fastpass tickets.

At the​ start of​ the​ day do not grab fast pass tickets,​ wait until the​ park starts to​ see more traffic. you​ need to​ be aware that there is​ a​ time limit on​ the​ frequency that you​ can grab a​ fast pass ticket. So you​ cannot obtain another fast pass ticket until the​ designated time,​ this time will be on​ your fast pass ticket. Use these sparingly to​ pick the​ choice rides. While you​ are waiting on​ your fast pass ticket time enjoy other areas of​ the​ parks. When you​ have to​ opportunity to​ pick up your next fast pass then do so immediately. Only at​ this point can you​ use the​ original ticket.

Make sure that you​ carry a​ backpack with you​ into the​ park. This pack will serve you​ well during the​ day. you​ should pack in​ water,​ and drinks in​ amounts that are comfortable to​ carry. This will save you​ dearly during the​ day. the​ cost of​ drinks and supplies inside the​ park walls is​ extravagant.

If you​ have two adults with you​ then you​ will need to​ team up to​ allow the​ kids to​ get signatures from the​ characters. Once you​ are ¾ of​ the​ way to​ a​ character one of​ the​ adults needs to​ go to​ the​ next line to​ wait for the​ character while the​ kids get the​ first signature. This will dramatically increase your time through the​ lines for characters.

Make sure you​ carry a​ marker to​ place on​ your car for the​ afternoon return trip. the​ best marker that I have found is​ those that your local sports teams have for the​ cars. Virtually everyone has seen the​ car flag. Purchase two of​ these prior to​ the​ trip to​ display on​ your car. This will make it​ simple to​ find your car in​ the​ afternoon after a​ hard day in​ the​ parks.

Finally,​ relax and enjoy your vacation. Disney is​ an​ exciting trip for you​ and the​ kids. if​ things don't go exactly as​ planned just let it​ go and enjoy.

Charles Cater
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