Treat Yourself And Travel To France

No country embodies the​ grandeur of​ European travel quite like France. From the​ international artistic reputation of​ Cannes to​ the​ luxurious leisure of​ the​ Riviera,​ France has demonstrated a​ remarkable capacity to​ overcome a​ tumultuous history by enriching the​ quality of​ life with those experiences. the​ diversity of​ the​ country will leave you​ stimulated,​ satiated and asking for more when you​ finally treat yourself and travel to​ France!

Throughout European history,​ France has been the​ undisputed pioneer of​ social revolution and cultural renaissance. an​ enlightened society with classic charm,​ France will guide your journey seamlessly through centuries of​ power and progress,​ defeats and suffering,​ all of​ which possess an​ essence of​ timelessness. Travel France in​ July and witness Bastille Day,​ a​ commemoration of​ the​ destruction of​ the​ prison that King Louis XVI and his predecessors used to​ quiet social disruption and censor or​ torture public irritants. the​ day is​ symbolic of​ the​ value of​ social freedoms and democratic governance to​ the​ French people. the​ main celebration takes place in​ Paris at​ the​ former site of​ the​ Bastille.

Go further back in​ time and explore the​ French countryside,​ which is​ rich with Roman Ruins dating up until the​ 5th Century. Gréoux-les-Bains,​ in​ the​ south of​ France,​ is​ known not only for its hot springs but also for the​ ruins of​ Roman bath tubs and swimming pools that depended on​ these springs as​ a​ source for hot water. Aix-en-Provence is​ a​ well known town central to​ France's wine and art culture,​ but also shares a​ Roman past as​ an​ ancient city with two aqueducts demonstrating the​ technological prowess of​ the​ Roman people.

For a​ more unique experience,​ travel to​ the​ Loire Valley,​ a​ bastion of​ medieval castles,​ and have yourself a​ true Châteaux experience. Many of​ the​ ancient and classical castles have rooms available for rent,​ mainly during the​ summer season. There is​ no better way to​ be immersed in​ French history; plus,​ the​ castles often offer the​ best of​ the​ surrounding wine region.

French Travel: More Than a​ History Lesson
Not only is​ France a​ gateway into Europe's enchanting history,​ the​ country that is​ world renowned for its irresistible food,​ fabulous wines and sophisticated lifestyle does live up to​ its reputation. Visit Nice to​ enjoy the​ coveted Riviera way of​ life while avoiding the​ throngs of​ tourists that swarm to​ St. Tropez just up the​ coast. While in​ Paris,​ make sure to​ enjoy a​ quiche lorraine in​ a​ local café somewhere on​ the​ outskirts of​ town in​ addition to​ scaling the​ Eiffel Tower or​ getting lost in​ the​ Louvre. However you​ choose to​ travel,​ there is​ no way to​ miss the​ robust culture and resilient history of​ France.

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