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“Of course,​ the​ castle is​ haunted you​ know,​” teased the​ waitress as​ she served up tea and scones.

In Knaresborough everything stops for tea and scones,​ but only when topped with a​ healthy lashing of​ fresh cream and raspberry jam.

“They say the​ ghosts of​ several family members walk the​ halls of​ Allerton Castle,​” she continued in​ a​ tone that suggested she had told this story before and obviously enjoyed it.

Her manner was exemplary. Her advancing years were of​ little consequence to​ her appearance; she maintained an​ air of​ elegance. She was born in​ the​ village and had lived here all her life.

The village of​ Knaresborough sits in​ the​ northern county of​ Yorkshire,​ around thirty miles north of​ Leeds.

The journey north along the​ M1 was instantly forgettable. Wrathful clouds followed me everywhere. the​ sky was a​ mishmash of​ drab greys,​ an​ incessant resource for the​ torrential downpour.

“How old is​ the​ castle?” I asked,​ eager to​ discover more of​ this historic landmark.

“I think it​ was built sometime around the​ seventeenth-century. I know it​ was recently damaged by fire. Many of​ the​ rooms are off limits during repair and restoration. is​ it​ a​ social engagement?”

“My partner’s cousin is​ getting married there tomorrow,​” I replied. “I’ve got a​ room on​ the​ high street for tonight.”

The café was sat on​ the​ banks of​ the​ river that had cut through the​ landscape for centuries. the​ riverbed was now part of​ a​ great gorge that snaked through the​ outskirts of​ the​ village.

Just before passing out of​ view,​ the​ river ran through the​ giant support pillars of​ the​ old railway bridge.

Directly overhead lay the​ ruins of​ the​ old Knaresborough Castle. Overlooking the​ river and the​ gorge,​ the​ abrupt drop of​ the​ land must have provided the​ inhabitants of​ the​ castle a​ wonderful natural defence.

Today,​ a​ monument stands in​ the​ corner of​ the​ castle grounds depicting the​ names of​ those who lost their lives in​ more recent conflicts.

I made for the​ high street and quickly found myself back in​ the​ modern world. the​ pace quickened as​ shoppers scurried in​ and out of​ shops seeking the​ latest bargains.

Back at​ the​ hotel I thought about what the​ old lady had said. Was the​ castle really haunted?

I lay in​ bed wondering about spooks and spirits. as​ the​ clock passed midnight the​ shadows in​ the​ room seemed more dark and sinister.

I felt my imagination getting the​ better of​ me before thankfully,​ I nodded off.
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