Travels Through Sydney Australia

In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip sailed his ship into Sydney Cove and one of​ the​ great cities of​ the​ world was born.

Today Sydney is​ home to​ over four million Aussies who love to​ bathe in​ the​ glorious sunshine and surf on​ the​ open waters that break upon its wonderful beaches.

Sydney Harbour is​ irresistible. Its famous bridge dominates the​ view,​ a​ magnificent feat of​ engineering.

But for sheer elegance,​ the​ Sydney Opera House takes centre stage with its unique appearance and over 2,​500 shows annually to​ keep the​ opera buffs fulfilled.

Try to​ catch the​ Sydney Film Festival when all manner of​ Hollywood stars honour the​ city with their presence.

If you’ve joined in​ with the​ Aussie spirit and sank one or​ two pints of​ lager,​ try burning off the​ calories with a​ climb up the​ Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The ascent commences at​ regular intervals and the​ view from the​ top is​ inspirational,​ though you​ will need a​ strong nerve and a​ good head for heights.

Today Sydney is​ a​ multicultural city. Prior to​ WWII,​ most of​ the​ inhabitants were of​ British or​ Irish descent.

But later years have led to​ an​ influx of​ immigrants from all over Europe and Asia.

The diverse ethnic groups have led to​ a​ vast range of​ bars and restaurants throughout the​ city,​ catering for most people’s tastes.

One must-try restaurant is​ the​ Longrain. Serving an​ excellent choice of​ Thai dishes,​ diners are catered for well into the​ night.

Once dinner is​ over,​ try drinking schooners at​ the​ Hollywood Hotel. Don’t forget your best slacks and designer shades if​ you’re out to​ impress.

Alternatively,​ take in​ a​ movie at​ the​ OpenAir cinema in​ the​ Domain. Watch the​ latest Hollywood blockbusters with the​ moon and stars for company.

Revelling in​ the​ limelight,​ Sydney is​ all about glitz and glamour,​ always ready to​ offer you​ a​ memorable experience.
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