Travels Through St Ives England

A little old man stands at​ the​ edge of​ the​ harbour. He always stands when he works. in​ his left hand is​ a​ photograph,​ a​ commission to​ keep him busy for the​ next few days.

He holds his brush in​ his right hand,​ masterfully transforming the​ canvas in​ front of​ him into someone's dream painting,​ an​ image to​ take pride of​ place on​ their lounge wall.

Every other stab of​ the​ brush he stops and takes a​ step back,​ checking his judgement. Behind him lie several pieces of​ previous work,​ portraits of​ many a​ happy customer.

His face is​ weathered,​ years of​ exposure to​ the​ sea and wind. His greying hair straddles halfway down his back,​ bound in​ a​ ponytail. What a​ wonderful life he enjoys.

Across the​ harbour the​ fishermen of​ St Ives prepare for a​ day at​ sea. Hopes of​ a​ good catch make for jolly banter aboard the​ boats as​ the​ crews prepare the​ nets and rigging.

The stench of​ fish from previous catches continues to​ linger and drifts around the​ dock. Seaweed clings to​ the​ nets and adds to​ the​ aroma.

The clattering of​ gear on​ deck adds to​ the​ general din as​ I make my way past the​ old Sloop Inn and head towards the​ main shopping high street.

The narrow cobbled street starts with a​ slow incline. to​ the​ left lies an​ enticing little gift shop full of​ ocean souvenirs. the​ entrance leads you​ down a​ short but steep flight of​ steps,​ past a​ glut of​ hanging novelties.

Once at​ the​ bottom the​ shop opens out into an​ underground cavern of​ curiosities. Delicate little ornaments fill every nook and cranny.

The shelves ahead house a​ series of​ maps depicting geographical changes over the​ centuries throughout the​ regions of​ England.

The streets above are now bustling with life as​ locals and tourists work their way through the​ myriad of​ tight narrow streets like an​ army of​ busy ants.

Every few minutes the​ inconvenience of​ a​ passing motorist disturbs the​ balance of​ the​ high street.

The cobbled streets are so narrow you​ literally have to​ stand with your back to​ the​ wall to​ allow the​ passing vehicle. God help you​ if​ you​ have pushchairs and children.

But this minor gripe aside,​ St Ives is​ a​ town of​ rich character,​ a​ place to​ shop,​ soak up the​ sun and experience life in​ one of​ the​ quintessential fishing towns of​ Cornwall.
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