Travels Through Lake Garda Italy

“Your bill sir,​” the​ waiter whispered with a​ gentle murmur of​ broken English. He spoke with a​ smile. He either expected a​ tip or​ had just broken wind. the​ consequences of​ the​ latter were too grim to​ bear so I settled up quickly and retreated to​ the​ waterfront.

Lake Garda glistened in​ the​ moonlight,​ perfectly still but for the​ faint ripples from passing boats. Illuminations danced like fireflies upon the​ open water,​ enticing you​ into the​ lake to​ view the​ town from a​ different perspective.

Across the​ water the​ imposing presence of​ the​ Dolomite Mountains were just visible in​ the​ silver moonlight. at​ the​ base of​ one of​ the​ peaks the​ lights of​ a​ solitary hotel shone,​ a​ mere insignificance set against such a​ commanding backdrop.

I continued along the​ waterfront. Everywhere was alive with vibrant bars and romantic restaurants bursting at​ the​ seams. Tourists and locals mingled beside the​ banks of​ the​ lake,​ enjoying the​ friendly ambience. Courting couples filled every nook and cranny,​ tongues entwined and hands all over one other. I wanted to​ vomit.

“You like cruise of​ Lake Garda sir?” queried a​ rather shady looking character. He looked like a​ second-hand car salesman eager to​ get his hands on​ my money.

“How much?” I asked half-heartedly.

“Only four euros. We back in​ twenty minutes.”

What the​ heck I thought and handed over the​ money. at​ least it​ would get me away from all these sex maniacs. I took my seat on​ the​ boat. in​ front of​ me a​ courting couple had tongues entwined and hands all over one other.

“Oh Johnny,​” she said.

“Oh Shaz,​” he said.

“Oh Christ!” I said and quickly found another seat. We soon found ourselves in​ open water,​ gently swaying in​ the​ still night air.

But for some idle chatter the​ silence was mesmerising. it​ was only out here,​ detached from the​ village and the​ modern world,​ that you​ could appreciate the​ seductiveness of​ Lake Garda. the​ lights from the​ village offered the​ only hint of​ civilisation. This was nature as​ intended.

Back ashore it​ was late and noticeably cooler. I made my way from the​ jetty and headed back to​ the​ hotel for some much needed shut-eye. the​ route back led through the​ high street. Despite the​ late hour,​ revellers were queued outside the​ more popular bars and restaurants.

“You like a​ drink sir?” enticed a​ local bar owner intent on​ striking some custom.

“Not tonight mate,​” I muttered and trudged wearily onward into the​ night.

“Free drink for you​ and lots of​ pretty ladies,​” he called out behind me. I turned around. the​ night was still young!
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