Travels Through Cyprus

The old goat herder stands before his flock. Stick in​ hand,​ he bears the​ look of​ experience. His beaten old hat keeps the​ sun off his unshaven face.

His weathered trousers have seen better days and wear a​ belt,​ crudely tied around his waist. His braces are actually two of​ the​ elastic straps you​ use to​ tie your luggage to​ the​ car's roof rack.

As the​ sun beats down on​ the​ plains of​ Agia Marina he herds his goats to​ pastures new and another day of​ contentment.

When your country has suffered 9000 years of​ constant invasion,​ any break in​ hostilities is​ greeted with appreciation.

Cyprus is​ a​ blend of​ many influences. Turkish,​ Greek,​ Muslim and Christian invaders have all set foot upon this hallowed land and made their mark.

Mosques and Christian churches stand side by side as​ a​ reminder of​ the​ often turbulent and violent past of​ Cyprus.

But when free of​ the​ shackles of​ conflict,​ Cyprus is​ a​ place of​ beauty and discovery. the​ Byzantine churches amongst the​ Troodos Mountains are an​ essential experience.

The sense of​ history and culture is​ overwhelming as​ you​ journey through mountain passes and wonder at​ the​ ancient architecture.

For a​ genuine sense of​ solitude try cycling through the​ barren land of​ the​ Karpas Peninsula or​ hiking the​ well-trodden trails of​ Mount Olympus.

The blue crystal waters of​ Cape Greco provide a​ wealth of​ opportunity for swimming and diving.

When the​ sun goes down,​ the​ Cypriot nightlife will have you​ dancing into the​ early hours. Youngsters tend to​ make their way towards the​ large contingent of​ British pubs in​ Agia Napa.

The more cultured make their way to​ the​ traditional Cypriot cafes and bars. Here you​ can drink raki,​ the​ local firewater made from distilled grapes.

If you're peckish,​ try the​ baked lamb dish of​ kleftiko,​ or​ another local favourite mezedes.
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