Travelling With Pets

If you’re moving or​ you​ want to​ take your pet on​ holiday with you,​ chances are that you​ will want fly to​ wherever you​ are going to. So it’s good to​ know what you​ can do and what you​ can’t so your pet is​ exposed to​ as​ little trauma as​ possible. if​ you​ know in​ advance exactly how you​ can travel with your pet,​ it​ means you​ don’t have to​ waste time at​ the​ airport which could be tough on​ you​ and your pet.

Traveling with pets means you​ are subject to​ a​ different set of​ rules. it​ would help if​ you​ are familiar with them even before you​ book your tickets. First of​ all,​ check whether the​ airline you​ plan to​ go in​ allows pets as​ not all do. Then clarify if​ the​ pet you​ have will be allowed onto the​ flight. Again,​ certain pets might be allowed,​ certain others may not. if​ you​ go ahead and book without being sure,​ you​ could end up at​ the​ airport with your pet and not be allowed on​ board. Be very specific when you​ ask for information before you​ book your ticket.

You will have to​ bear in​ mind that your pet will have to​ be kept contained during the​ flight. So your dog or​ cat or​ bird will have to​ be put into a​ carrier. Again,​ enquire about what kind of​ carrier needs to​ be used. Not all carriers are allowed on​ board. Then find out whether your pet can travel with you​ or​ has to​ be checked in​ like baggage. Some airlines insist on​ this. There are a​ few rules you​ will have to​ follow if​ you​ take your pet into the​ cabin with you. Your pet can in​ no way affect the​ well-being or​ the​ peace of​ the​ others passengers. Remember not to​ place the​ carrier on​ any seat,​ even if​ it​ is​ empty and do not place it​ on​ the​ aisle where it​ can trip up a​ passenger or​ a​ member of​ the​ crew. Each airline has its own set of​ regulations over and above this.

Ensure that all your pet’s documents are in​ order. Here again,​ it​ would be good to​ check when you​ are booking your ticket so that you​ have enough time to​ make sure all his vaccinations have been done and no shots that need to​ be given have been forgotten in​ that last-minute rush. These are necessary not only to​ protect your pet but also all the​ other passengers he is​ traveling with. Some airlines need for you​ to​ have a​ medical examination just before boarding so they are assured that your pet is​ healthy enough to​ fly.

Once you​ have everything ready,​ your tickets,​ your pet’s health papers,​ the​ right carrier,​ make sure that you​ get to​ the​ airport earlier that check-in time. This just helps iron out any last-minute hiccups should they occur. And you​ can,​ no doubt,​ have enough time to​ sort out things and board your flight without problems. Both your pet and you​ will have to​ go through airport security and your pet too will have to​ go through the​ metal detector. it​ is​ likely that the​ pet carrier he is​ in​ will also be subject to​ checking. it​ usually involves sending this through the​ X-ray machine together with your carry-on bag. in​ this case,​ very often,​ it​ is​ just the​ carrier that goes through,​ not your pet.

However,​ there are airlines that say a​ big No to​ pets. Which is​ why it​ is​ so important for you​ to​ make sure whether or​ not your pet will be allowed well ahead of​ your traveling time. Some airlines that do allow you​ to​ might charge quite a​ bit extra for a​ pet. Do enquire about all the​ details before you​ buy that ticket!
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