Travelling With Children

Whenever adults travel,​ be it​ for fun or​ for work,​ they do it​ according to​ their preferences and requirements. However,​ what if​ adults have children to​ look after? What is​ the​ right destination for them?

There are resorts and accommodation facilities particularly suitable to​ welcome adults and children and make their holidays really enjoying and comfortable.

Family Hotels are really like “children’s playgrounds” with personalized baby menus and entertainment targeted at​ children both in​ the​ hotel and outside.

These hotels are the​ fruit of​ co-operation with top-ranking sponsors and offer excellent quality services.

Particularly worth a​ mention are the​ cots and changing tables in​ the​ rooms,​ the​ games and the​ experienced leisure organizers,​ the​ menus designed according to​ nutritional guidelines for children,​ and the​ paediatricians and babysitters available at​ any time.
Just like a​ holiday nursery….

Cartoons,​ comics,​ games and lots of​ fun for the​ children who can spend a​ healthy holiday and for the​ parents who can relax knowing that their kids are safely playing near them.

The Adriatic Riviera has been the​ pioneer in​ this sector and Riccione and the​ nearby resorts have been awarded the​ title of​ children’s beaches,​ thanks to​ their fully-equipped facilities (on the​ beach and elsewhere) for the​ fun and safety of​ kids while on​ holiday.

The large number of​ hotels in​ Riccione and on​ the​ Riviera offer you​ the​ chance of​ a​ complete family holiday as​ well as​ numerous events for children and even discounted tickets for the​ theme parks.

During the​ summer the​ Riccione Family Hotels are partner of​ “Raduno delle Mamme”,​ an​ event dedicated to​ mothers and children,​ where all the​ mums could became the​ “most beautiful mother” of​ the​ summer and where all the​ children could enjoy themselves.

The family holiday is​ suited to​ the​ needs of​ children and makes mums and dads happy,​ too!

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