Travelling With Baby Tips To Make Life Easier

It may sound daunting,​ but travelling with baby does not have to​ be a​ nightmare! a​ little preparation and forward planning is​ all you​ need for a​ successful trip with your tiny traveller.

There are certain supplies that are essential for any trip with your baby. the​ most important,​ of​ course,​ is​ enough food and milk for the​ journey. Always pack more than you​ think you'll need and include plenty of​ finger foods if​ your baby is​ old enough -- these are great for helping to​ keep him occupied! if​ you​ are breastfeeding and need to​ express milk,​ you​ can store it​ in​ a​ cooler,​ with ice,​ for up to​ 24 hours. you​ can also store bottles of​ pre-made formula in​ the​ same way -- alternatively,​ you​ can add pre-measured powdered formula to​ the​ bottles,​ then top it​ up with cooled,​ boiled water as​ required.

Another option is​ to​ bring "ready to​ drink" cartons of​ formula. Whilst ideal for the​ journey itself,​ be aware that you​ may not be allowed to​ take these cartons with you​ into certain countries. Sealed containers of​ formula do not normally present a​ problem.

Solid foods can be packed into a​ cooler,​ although a​ better idea is​ to​ bring foods with you​ that you​ can easily prepare during the​ journey. Avocado pears and bananas are good examples,​ as​ they can be simply peeled,​ mashed and served to​ your baby at​ room temperature.

Always bring your own feeding bowls and utensils when travelling with baby - many eating establishments do not have cutlery appropriate for an​ infant's use. a​ travel high chair is​ incredibly useful,​ too -- and means that you​ can comfortably feed your baby wherever you​ go. Disposable bibs,​ or​ a​ wipe-clean plastic bib,​ can be very convenient when travelling and they certainly cut down on​ the​ laundry!

If you​ ask for food or​ milk to​ be warmed for you,​ be VERY careful to​ check the​ temperature on​ its return. Busy waiters or​ cabin crew may overheat the​ food and you​ will need to​ wait for it​ to​ cool down. With this in​ mind,​ ask for any food or​ milk to​ be warmed well before you're actually going to​ need it!

Many parents worry about how to​ sterilise feeding equipment when travelling with baby. There are many products available to​ assist with this,​ from microwave steriliser bags to​ disposable bottle liners. Most stores dealing with infant feeding equipment will offer a​ range of​ travelling accessories such as​ these.

Other essential items for your trip will include nappies/diapers and scented diaper bags. if​ you're heading to​ a​ warm destination,​ adequate sun protection is​ a​ must! Also,​ consider bringing a​ small nightlight - if​ you're breastfeeding,​ it​ can be very useful in​ a​ dark,​ unfamiliar hotel room.

To help your baby cope with the​ trip and to​ reassure him in​ new surroundings,​ be sure to​ bring his favourite blanket. This can also serve as​ a​ handy "curtain" to​ shield an​ aeroplane sky cot/bassinet from the​ light,​ or​ for naps in​ his stroller when out and about.

Dress your baby in​ light layers when travelling -- not only does this make it​ easier to​ cope with fluctuating temperatures,​ but if​ your baby spills his food,​ for example,​ you​ can easily remove the​ top layer of​ clothing. Bring a​ change of​ clothes for yourself,​ too -- baby's mess tends to​ have a​ habit of​ transferring itself to​ his parents!

Enjoy your trip!
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