Travelling To Orlando With Children

Obviously for those travelling by car,​ you​ will have plenty of​ activities at​ hand to​ amuse the​ children and play plenty of​ games e.g. spying certain colours of​ cars etc. For those of​ you​ flying a​ small bag for each child to​ carry on​ board with their favourite books/colouring pads/playing cards. Most airlines offer young flyers an​ activity pack to​ help amuse them and of​ course there are the​ in​ flight movies- often including a​ children’s option and sometimes a​ dedicated children’s channel. Plan ahead and order a​ child’s meal when you​ book your flight. Children will be more likely to​ eat if​ it​ is​ something that appeals to​ them.

On arrival make sure you​ comply with the​ law having your children safely strapped into your rental car- whether it​ is​ just by wearing the​ existing seatbelts or​ if​ you​ need to​ rent a​ child car safety seat.

Where to​ stay?

For the​ same price as​ a​ single hotel room you​ could rent a​ very spacious condominium or​ small vacation villa where everyone has their own individual bedroom,​ there is​ a​ lounge in​ which to​ relax,​ a​ kitchen where juices and snacks are available 24/7,​ plus a​ patio/balcony or​ pool terrace. Just think the​ children could have a​ room of​ their own to​ watch all their favourite programmes while you​ relax in​ the​ lounge to​ watch an​ alternative programme or​ just to​ sit and read a​ book undisturbed. if​ you​ have very young children,​ it​ is​ great to​ be able to​ put them down for a​ nap in​ a​ completely separate room.

Try renting a​ privately owned vacation home…

Many of​ the​ privately owned homes cater well for children and most offer a​ crib/cot,​ high chair and sometimes even a​ stroller for you​ to​ use FREE of​ CHARGE during your stay.

Naturally,​ if​ you​ visit Orlando with children,​ Walt Disney World will probably feature high on​ your list of​ “things to​ do”. All the​ theme parks are extremely child friendly. if​ you​ do not have a​ stroller,​ they are available for hire at​ the​ entrance to​ the​ parks. All rides have clearly written signs saying suitable age/height restrictions. For those with very young children,​ they offer a​ service whereby one parent can go on​ a​ ride (perhaps with an​ older child) then come off and swap with the​ other parent who was holding the​ baby- all without the​ second parent having to​ join the​ end of​ the​ queue again. All restaurants- both full-service and counter-service cater well for younger tastes/appetites. There are also Baby Centres clearly marked in​ each of​ the​ parks for feeding/changing very small babies.

Be assured after a​ busy day at​ a​ park,​ it​ is​ a​ delight to​ return to​ your own vacation condo/villa for a​ dip in​ the​ pool,​ a​ cool drink,​ some time on​ the​ computer or​ just to​ sit around chatting with all your friends and family and anyone has the​ added bonus of​ being able to​ go off to​ bed whenever it​ suits them,​ safe in​ the​ knowledge that their sleep will not be disturbed by everyone else chatting. Also you​ can toss your clothes into the​ washing machine in​ your vacation home- ready to​ put on​ again another day. Let’s be honest- this alone is​ a​ huge ‘plus’ when travelling with children!
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